Title : Biochemistry

Series : Chemistry, Book #2

Author : Andrew Grey

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 158 pages (e-book)

Published : October 9, 2013

Rating : 1/2



When his college biochemistry class turns out to be much more difficult than star quarterback Freddy Samuelson imagined, his lab partner, Kurt Maxwell, agrees to help. They’re very different: a rich kid athlete and a hardworking openly gay scholarship student. But Kurt slips past Freddy’s defenses, and little by little—despite Freddy ignoring his own sexuality in the past—Freddy realizes he wants to get to know Kurt, especially when Kurt helps him through more challenges than their science class. But it isn’t long before rumors begin to fly, and the obstacles Freddy will face may block him from both the future he planned on and the future he didn’t know he wanted.


Kurt just transferred to Dickinson college and he is so excited to be there. On his first day of class he practically gets plowed down by a big guy in a football jersey, of course instead of apologizing, the jerk yells to him “Watch where you’re walking, Short Stuff,” and what do you know big guy turns out to be in his biochemistry class and things do not go smoothly for these two.

Freddie is the star quarterback and he’s used to getting what he wants, but he might as well move along because Kurt’s not buying what he’s selling. If Freddie thinks Kurt is going to do his work for him he’s got another thing coming and Kurt tells him so. Freddie assumes that since their professor Dr. Marcus is dating his football coach (Guys from “Organic Chemistry”, Book 1 in the Chemistry Series) that he’d get special treatment, and when he realizes that’s not going to happen he panics and pretty much begs for Kurt’s help. Kurt won’t say no, he’ll help Freddie all he can. They agree to meet at the library where Kurt is working but when Freddie shows Kurt his work and Kurt doesn’t say anything right away, Freddie thinks the worst and runs out. But there’s a reason Kurt didn’t know what to say after looking at Freddie’s paper and I had a holy crap moment when it was revealed.

These two guys start spending a lot of time together and emotions start to leak in their friendship but when things start to heat up one of them has a hard time handling it and bolts leaving the other hurt. Freddie may be scared shitless but he truly likes Kurt and he wants to try to be together. It doesn’t take long for one of his roommates to go crazy over the revelation that Freddie likes guys and soon the shit hits the fan, and when the shit hit the fan, it hit hard… for Kurt. Freddie turned into the biggest jerk, he was more worried about his image and reputation than the fact that he hurt the other man. Or maybe not. What if he’s being that way for a reason? What if he had to do those things to protect the only person who’s ever had his heart?

What I like most about Kurt was that even though he was the small, short, and geeky guy he was actually the more stronger character in the book. Freddie may be the big football star but deep down he was sad and lonely and all he wanted was for his dad to be proud of him, to like him for more than just how good he was at football.

I really enjoyed reading Freddie and Kurt’s story. They had me cracking up with their nicknames for each other. Heck, even during writing this review, I wanted to call them Short Stuff and Ape Boy. It was also nice to see Coach Josh from book 1 have such a large roll to play in this book. Without his help, Freddie would have been lost. Actually, Freddie and Kurt had some pretty great friends and they made the story that much better. At the end you get to see how things were going with the guys and how things turned out with Freddie’s dad. Man, I hated that guy. Every time he called Freddie, I wanted to scream. I was a bit disappointed that we were not shown Freddie’s coming out to his father. I am pretty sure that would’ve been one helluva fight, especially when Freddie told him where he could shove it and I really wanted to see Freddie tell his dad to shove it.

Once again this author has given us a great story to read. I always enjoy his books, and I’m always surprised at how wonderful each story is. You’d think after reading as many of them from this author as I have that I wouldn’t be, but they keep getting better and better.

Rated 4.5 stars by Jen

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