Triane’s Son Rising


Title : Triane’s Son Rising

Series : Bitter Moon, Book #1

Author : Amy Lane

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Fantasy, YA, Bisexual

Length : 280 pages (e-book)

Published : September 26, 2013

Rating :  ★★★★1/2



A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Bitter Moon Saga: Book One

Torrant Shadow and Yarrow “Yarri” Moon grew up sheltered in Moon Hold, a place where Torrant’s goddess gifts were meant to be celebrated, and love of any form was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, in Clough, within a stone’s throw of Consort Rath, having beliefs of that sort will get your family killed.

Grief-stricken, Torrant and Yarri are suddenly alone against the elements and a world that would rather see them dead than see them safe. Torrant’s goddess gift, which had previously been used for truth and healing, must be honed for violence and protection if either of them are to survive. When Torrant, Yarri, and their new friend Aldam reach safety, will Torrant be able to put this part of him aside? Or will Triane’s Son grow to fight the forces that forged him?

1st Edition published as Bitter Moon I: Triane’s Son Ascending by iUniverse, 2008


Triane’s Son Rising is a Young Adult novel by Amy Lane, which is a new adventure for me as I have read quite a few Amy Lane books and loved them all, but not any of her YA. This book was no exception.

The story is written in a high fantasy style. People are either gifted or non-gifted and there is conflict between the two. Moon Hold, in the small country of Clough, where Torrant (the main character) and his mother live, is a shelter for those who are gifted and has known relative peace as politics are not allowed within the compound. Torrant’s mother is a midwife and healer for the people at Moon Hold. Torrant even helped her deliver Yarri, the youngest of the Moon children, when he was eight years old. He has been attached to her since her birth. When he held her, he heard the sound of bells ringing and this was seen as significant, showing them as being connected.

All seems well until the Consort Rath sends an emissary to the compound. While he is questioning Torrant and his best friend, Ellyot, who he considers a brother, Yarri throws a rock and stuns the emissary. This leads to all manner of problems, and as the family is trying to evacuate to a safer place they are attacked by the army of the Consort. Only Torrant and Yarri escape. This is a truly horrifying event. While trying to make it to Eiran, where Yarri has family, they stop at a lodge to eat and obtain supplies for the treacherous trip over the pass during winter. Unfortunately this does not go well but they are helped by a woman at the inn and end up with a travel companion named Aldam. Aldam is also gifted and his aunt and mother feel that sending him with Torrant and Yarri to Eiran will be safer for him. The journey is fraught with danger and Torrant must pull from his gift a darker side which he has never had to explore. By using this gift the three are able to survive and make their way to Eiran. Torrant and Yarri are both very ill when they arrive, but the Moon family that lives in Eiran welcomes them. Torrant, Yarri and Aldam find it difficult to adjust to living in a place that does not persecute people that are gifted and trouble follows them even to this safe haven.

Gradually, Torrant integrates into the family that has taken him as their own and four years later he leaves for the university with Aldam. This experience opens up an entire new perspective on the world as Torrant learns what has been said of the reasons for his leaving Clough and how others view him, but he also makes some new friends along the way. When he returns home for Samhain, it is with a different perspective and he allows himself to grieve for all he has lost. He feels his burden lighten in his heart, although it is not completely resolved.

Triane’s Son Rising is the first installment of a four part series, the Bitter Moon Saga. It is a complex tale and I find that I am having a hard time expressing my thoughts on this one. It deals with prejudice, fear, being different, love and loss, revenge, exploring one’s sexuality and what that means. The gifted are more accepting of others in this story. Expressing one’s individuality and finding your sexuality is without stigma. The brutality of the murder of Yarri’s and Torrant’s families is graphic and heart wrenching. So many of the people that the children meet along their journey are of the vilest type and yet others show great compassion. There are lessons in the story, some very painful to read and others heartwarming.

Yarri is one of the characters I could least identify with. She is the baby of the Moon family and comes across as a bit spoiled but although she is very young, at times she surprises me with her insight. Torrant has already had his share of loss before this tragedy and his love for Yarri and determination for one so young was touching. Aldam is one of my favorites as he is much wiser than he thinks he is and his observances are proof of that.

This is a wonderful combination of Amy Lanes lovely writing style infused into a high fantasy setting. It was quite the adventure. I am looking forward to the next installment of this series.

Rated 4.5 stars by Deb

LYLBTB 45 star