Flying Colors

FlyingColors (1)


Title : Flying Colors

Series : True Colors, Book #5

Author : Clare London

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 234 pages (e-book)

Published : October 7, 2013

Rating : ★★1/2



True Colors: Book Five

Red De Vere appears to have everything—good looks, a prestigious job, attention from the paparazzi, and a choice of lovers. But one day he takes an outrageous step too far at a formal embassy dinner, and the press turns on him. Shocked, he realizes it’s time to find something better in life than partying. He envies the love that his friends Miles and Zeke have, and when he dares to consider that possibility for himself, his hopes and desires rest in his quiet, serious friend Carter Davison.

Carter loved a man who cheated on him, then died violently, and he refuses to make himself vulnerable again. He knows Red is interested; Red has been supportive and admiring since they met. And Carter’s honest enough to admit he’s attracted to Red. But Carter can also think of nothing worse than being the lover of someone in the public eye. Playboy Red must stay an attractive friend, that’s all.

While Red yearns for something real, Carter has some sweet, sexy secrets that might surprise even Red. If Carter dares emerge from his shell, and Red pursues a more rewarding path, romance could spark. Then there’s no telling what might happen.


Red De Vere is a bit of a bad boy.  His antics are well known even if they’re also good natured.  The press loves him and he loves the spotlight.  Maybe more appropriately, Red loves putting on a facade that loves the spotlight.  Very few people know the real Red De Vere.  When Red gets caught by the paparazzi, naked, in an embassy bathroom his father decides to put the brakes on Red’s fast and furious times.  Red is hurt but understands his father’s wishes.  The incident at the embassy wasn’t a prank nor was it Red’s fault in any way but possibly it’s time for Red to do something more constructive with his life.  Red tells all his problems to his friend Carter Davison. Red desperately wants Carter to be more than a friend.  Carter isn’t quite sure how to allow Red into his life.  Carter was hurt by his previous boyfriend, Jacky.  Saying he was hurt is an understatement.  Carter was a victim of emotional manipulation and abuse, despite that, he loved Jacky in his way and his fiery murder broke something in Carter that has yet to be healed.  Carter knows Red wants more than friendship despite the fact he’s pressing for nothing.  Carter wants more than friendship, too.  Carter sees himself attracted to another larger than life personality always in the spotlight, just like Jacky.  Carter also knows he has to figure out how to let go of Jackie, just as his friend and Jacky’s brother Zeke is urging him to do.  Despite himself, Carter tells Red he’s been working at the Greenlake Youth Center.  Red tells Carter he’d love to help.  Carter is very surprised and not especially appreciative when he learns Red was serious.

Red dives into helping with renovations at the youth center.  Carter is kind of a jerk.  He’s reluctant to admit to himself someone like Red would be willing to work with his hands and clean and build a youth center.  When Red makes a donation of sports equipment to the center Carter loses all his calm and yells at Red.  It’s awful.  Red can clearly see Carter is still completely messed up by his previous relationship with Jacky and can also clearly see Carter doesn’t understand Red’s actions at all.  Despite being flayed by the man he’s reluctantly fallen in love with, Red goes back to the youth center to volunteer even more of his time.  He meets the young people who will eventually be spending time there once the place is open, and he’s able to spend more time with Carter after Carter let loose with all his fears of where their relationship could possibly go wrong.  Carter seems more relaxed after his outburst.  He also has to deal with some problems with one of the boys that frequents the youth center.  Things move along with the youth center renovations and with Red and Carter’s relationship.  It’s not a great romance yet, but Carter allows Red to take care of him.  And then, it’s more than just taking care.  As the relationship between Red and Carter smooths out, there are troubles at the Youth Center.  There was a break in coupled with lots of vandalism.  Of course, this happened right before some prospective sponsors came to see the place.  Red, Carter, and all the others find themselves working twice as hard to get the center ready to open on time.  That’s when the fire starts.

This was the long awaited sequel to “True Colors.”  It was also the book Carter and Red needed to have.  This book was just so them.  I had been expecting another explosive relationship like Zeke and Miles had.  That was foolish on my part as Red and Carter aren’t Zeke and Miles.  You can tell by the different names even.  There were a few things I wanted from this book that I got, I just got them in ways I didn’t expect.  I needed Carter to really deal with how terribly Jacky treated him.  For some reason I imagined him talking about it dramatically.  Of course he didn’t, as not only is he a guy, he’s repressed his feelings so far he doesn’t recognize he has them.  He’s also had a few years since Jacky’s death to deal with his problems.  Whereas Carter was pretty messed up by Jacky, his trauma wasn’t recent, he didn’t need page after page of weeping.  It was what I wanted but wouldn’t have been right at all.

As I said, the book was very much the book Red and Carter needed and it fit their personalities perfectly.  The problem I had with that was I didn’t realize Red and Carter were a touch boring.  I certainly had no problem staying engaged in the book, and I didn’t want to put it down, but the details of painting the local youth center weren’t something that had me riveted.  I was waiting for the story to get to the good parts in some instances.  One other thing that bugged me was the frequency the word bemused was used.  Can I get a perplexed thrown in there to change it up?

Rated 4.5 stars by Faye

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