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Liaisons Series


by S.E. Culpepper

Zane and Mark Character Interview

The characters in the Liaisons Series universe are very real to me, hanging out in the back of my mind, making helpful and snide comments when the time is right. Sometimes, I’ve wondered if I’m crazy because I feel like these people could live right down the block from me. I could pop on over for a chat with Rafe and Jeremy, talk softball and movies with Mark and Zane, flirt with Christian and annoy Kevin, and now, I have two more great friends in Alarik and Damon from Fall Apart.

If you’d asked me when I wrote Private Eye if Mark would be a strong character in the series, I’d have told you no. I wouldn’t have thought that he would be the only character, out of all the characters, to be featured in all four books in the series. This guy won’t quit. I started out not liking him, and now, I find I’m always looking for him.

It was a lot of fun writing Question Mark, but it was really great to see Mark again in Fall Apart. There is still a lot going on with him and Zane, and I’m happy to say that there will be more from them in the fifth book of the Liaisons Series, which I’m working on now.

For a bit of fun, I sat down with Mark and Zane in their most excellent backyard for a quick interview. Here’s what the boys had to say:


liaisons 1SE: I was going to ask you guys questions about being in Fall Apart, how everything’s going, and what you’re up to, but I really need to know where you got this chair I’m sitting on. It’s has a heavenly cushion.

M: Stuffed with angel hair, I think. Wasn’t that what the salesman said at the store?

Z: I think so. Or at least feathers from their wings.

SE: Nice. Sounds out of my price range by a couple million. Anyway, tell me about life…work…love. Something.

M: I got a promotion at work. (*At this point, Zane leans forward and squeezes Mark’s shoulder, pride just oozing off of him.*) I’m pretty excited about it and my schedule’s a little more stable. Zane is working with Max Hayama on Nowhere, Idaho; it’s going to be a really great film. Everybody will find out more about it in Fall Apart.

Z: I’ll be covered in fake tattoos like Mark’s buddy, Christian. How awesome is that? *Sarcasm* I heard he got together with a lumberjack or something.

SE: Um, he’s with a Marine actually, who’s about as eager to meet you, as you are to look like Christian in a movie. They’re good for each other.

Z: I’m glad he’ll be out of my hair. (*Mark flicks his husband on the shoulder at this comment.*)

M: Stop acting like you’re worried, or like Christian is anything like the guy you met in Bora Bora. He’s a brand new man. Changed.

Z: I don’t doubt he’s changed and happy now, but he can celebrate his new beginning far, far away.

(Mark rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling.)

liaisons 2SE: Well, you two have been married for nearly a year. Is it as great as you thought it’d be?

Z: I love it. Every bit—even the disagreements.

M: I’m good at making up. (*He winks.*)

Z: We stay out of the spotlight most of the time. We keep things as private as we can.

SE: Yeah, I was going to ask about that because I’m pretty sure I saw some paparazzi hanging around. How much does that mess with your lives? There have to be a lot of stories about you guys that come up.

M: Made up sh*t. How many times have you left me for another man since we got married, Zane?

Z: (*Squinting like he’s trying to remember.*) Six or seven. I don’t even know when I’d have the time to do all this cheating and still work.

SE: Does it get under your skin? Cause doubts?

Z: Mark and I are honest with each other. Even if I’m on a shoot out of town, he knows what I’m up to; he knows where I am. I know what he’s doing, too. I will state for the record that I have no interest in screwing up what I have with him. This is it for me.

M: Zane’s used to attention—positive and negative—and I’m not yet. Whenever we go to an event together, I’m not comfortable until we’re off of the red carpet, and even after that, it’s very surreal. I’m sitting next to famous actors, having dinner with people that a year ago were as far from my dining table as Zane. It can be really weird.

SE: I’ve seen the red carpet pics, read the interviews. You guys get best dressed couple in magazines all the time.

Z: Can’t go wrong with a tailored suit. It’s so much easier being a guy.

SE: Still driving the old Ford, eh Marky?

M: It’s comfortable, though Zane would like to push it off a cliff and watch it explode. (Zane nods.)

liaisons 3SE: I don’t want to spoil the next book, or take too much time, so tell me one thing about you guys that I can pass on to readers.
(Zane and Mark exchange a look, thinking.)

Z: You want to tell her, or should I?

M: You can tell her.

SE: Tell me what? This looks juicy.

Z: You ready? It’s big news. It means a shift to our schedule for the foreseeable future.

(I’m thinking babies, travel, cars…babies…)

SE: What is it??

Z: Mark joined another softball team. Hello tight pants and jock straps. He’ll have practice every Thursday night.

M: Third base. (He holds his fist out for me to bump it and I do so, a bit deflated.)

SE: Congratulations…

M: (*Laughing…*) Poor thing. We’re so boring, aren’t we?


Liaisons Series, Book 4

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Book Blurb:

Dodging his ex, giving the Best Man speech, and smuggling home extra slices of wedding cake are Damon Wright’s only plans on his buddy’s wedding day. Capturing the attention of a renowned photographer with twice the sexual magnetism of James Bond doesn’t even make the list. Accustomed to a life spent keeping his head down, managing family obligations, Damon is unprepared for even a lukewarm pursuit, much less the hot, focused advances of a man like Alarik whose sophistication leaves Damon reeling.

Tired of the vapid, morally bankrupt and grasping fellows so common in his line of work, Alarik is through serving as just another step for mercenary men on the ladder to success. Damon’s kindhearted reserve excites a profound response within him, enticing him with the idea of an honest future. Compelled to dig beneath the surface in search of something lasting, Alarik can’t help but wonder if falling in love can be as easy as breathing.

Yet, fairytales don’t exist in the pace of real life; they disappear in shadow. Absorbed by the happiness of finding one another, Damon and Alarik never see the darkness coming…

Release Date
October 28, 2013

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S. E. Culpepper lives and works in Oregon state. She reads too much, stays up too late, and wakes up too early. She loves to hear from her readers and makes it a point to get back to them.

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