Unexpected Rescue


Title : Unexpected Rescue

Author : Sylvia Violet


Publisher : Self Published (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 95 pages (e-book)

Published : November 4, 2013

Rating : ★★★★1/2



Shrapnel from an explosion tore up Jackson’s leg and ended his career as a Navy SEAL. Being forced into the civilian world was bad enough, but being told he’s crazy is intolerable. No matter what the doctors or anyone else tells him, he knows a supposed ally was responsible for his injury, and that same man is determined to shut Jackson up for good.

When Jackson sees a kayaker clinging to his boat from the balcony of his beach house, his instincts tell him something dire is about to happen. Jackson rescues the injured man and insists on hiding him until a former SEAL teammate arrives. As Jackson struggles with separating reality from soul-shattering flashbacks, the injured man’s compassion and growing trust tear down his barriers, and Jackson begins to wonder if his heart is as dead as he’d assumed.


Whew! Unexpected Rescue was fast paced and intense from the first page. I love being sucked in right away. There is no putting this down once you start because it’s a shorter read but action packed.

Jackson is an ex- seal that’s forced into retirement based on an injury. He’s also dealing with some guilt  over the death of one of his men. Nobody believes him when he says it was an inside job meant to take out his team. Jackson knows his angry attitude and inability to be calm and rational about what happened in the jungle that day doesn’t help the rumors about him being crazy. But it’s the truth damn it! Love his potty mouth BTW. It really fit his character. Jackson can’t turn off his need to help when he sees a man in need of help floating in the water. Soon he realizes the men who shot the floater may have mistaken the floater for him.

He brings him back to a house to get him warmed up and to see what kind of injuries he has.  Jackson doesn’t expect the attraction to kick in while the man is lying injured and they’re both still in danger. Jackson learns his captive’s name is Addie. Addie is understandably scared after being shot and waking up naked with a strange man. Jackson has decided he NEEDS to keep Addie safe. He opens up to Addie in hopes that he’ll realize Jackson won’t hurt him. Something he’s never done before.

I really liked Jackson’s character. He was angry about losing his place as a seal. Pissed off the guy responsible was getting away with it at his expense. Guilty he didn’t see it coming. Jackson dealt with some PTSD during the story but it wasn’t too heavy or overwhelming. There was no time for that. The bad guys were after them from the start. The story is told from Jackson’s POV so you don’t get into Addie’s head but I liked how weary he was of Jackson at first. Then Jackson opened up to him and Addie wanted to be there for Jackson. I think that really helped Jackson out mentally. He was so used to people thinking he’d gone off the deep end he needed someone to believe him.

This was a very fast paced book, so the relationship could have felt rushed but for me it didn’t. The instant attraction even worked for me. Nothing like skilled killers coming after you to amp up the tension and live in the moment. I really liked them as a couple. There wasn’t a lot of sex because they were trying to stay alive for most of the book but the kisses and looks were so sexy! They do actually do the deed and it’s hot! It may have made it more hot that Jackson actually cared for Addie. It wasn’t just some back ally encounter to get off. He’d never actually been able to let himself openly care for another man and enjoy the intimacy that comes with that. I guess my only gripe is that I’d have this book be longer! That’s mostly me being greedy because it did feel like a complete story. I just wanted more! Hopefully I get it because this was a great read. Possible sequel? Somebody else needs to find his man! Or I’d like to read more about Jackson and Addie. See, greedy! 😀

Rated 4.5 stars by Whit

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