Truthful Change


Title : Truthful Change

Author : Jane Davitt / Alexa Snow


Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, BDSM/kink

Length : 194 pages (ebook)

Published : June 1, 2010

Rating : ★★★★★


B L U  R B : 

Karl Blake’s good at a lot of things: killing bad guys, rescuing hostages…and looting priceless diamonds, but when a bullet ends his career as a mercenary he discovers that he’s really bad at living in a huge house with nothing to do. A shy, oddly sexy gardener with an unexpected liking for rough sex seems just what the doctor ordered for his boredom. But Adam’s got secrets that make Karl’s seem mundane, and if the two of them are going to find a future together, there’s a lot more to deal with than dandelions in the lawn.

With the past and the present combining to push them apart, betrayal, hurt, and mistrust around every corner, the two of them need to focus less on labels and more on what they are to each other.

Because a rose by any other name…

R E V I E W :

I have been itching to read a good BDSM for a while – and this book, while not heavy BDSM, certainly scratched that itch! Truthful Change blew my mind. I loved it so much!! I would put it up there with Zero at the Bone and Shades of Gray. Yes. It is that good! In fact it might edge the others out by a fist 😛 almost.

First up is a minor spoilery bit…. the prologue deals with Scott and Aiden. A sad little intro hinting that not all is well for these two guys. Then Chapter One starts with Karl and Adam. Relax. There was not some weird editing glitch… it is the same book and all becomes clear pretty soon. Adam is in fact Aiden, FBI agent, working undercover – investigating Karl and the company he sold.

So now the story is up and running and we meet Karl. He is a retired mercenary who was injured on his last assignment and forced to rethink his future – so he has sold his company and gone into early retirement. He is bored shitless. Luckily he has a gardener who works shirtless 😛 Adam is the gardener and he is this sweet young guy who is kinda sideswiped by Karls open advances. He averts his eyes, blushes and is just irresistible ♥ It’s just a matter of time of course before the two guys hook up and from then on it is a tale of firsts in many things… Karl has never wanted a man like he wants Adam, he has never done the whole dating and smalltalk thing (the sleepover with popcorn quip is adorable!). He also has never gone so far (or wanted to go so far) with domination, but Adam just triggers something in him. Adam has always wanted it a little bit rough but he sees himself wanting to submit to Karl in ways he never dreamed. It. Was. Beautiful. Karl soon finds out that Adam is not who he appeared to be and this dishonesty puts their relationship on the skids, understandably, yet both guys cannot move past the intensity of their desire and need for eachother. They just need to survive the next few days and see if, and how, they can move forward. I must say the story in itself is really good! I was totally gripped by it – but Karl and Adam just seal the deal! The sex is sensational!! Sexational, if you will 😛 and if you like biters – you will love Karl!

It is THE best character driven story I have read for a while – both guys were simply sublime. Karl is just so honest and open. He says what he wants; admits his insecurities and just lays it all out there. I loved the juxtaposition of the honest mercenary and the cheating FBI agent. And that brings up the whole thing of cheating – I know a lot of readers do not abide this trope at all. But if it is part of your undercover persona, and needed to crack the case? To wheedle out information? Is it cheating? Per se? Definitely a gray area. I was ok with it. I would agree that normally I steer clear of books with this but I think the authors do a good job of showing that the ongoing relationship between Aiden and Scott was already waning. The guys had almost checked out already. There are some beautiful moments in the book regarding this. Scott knows he isn’t giving Aiden what he needs. He just can’t. Likewise Aiden recognises what a good man Scott is – but sometimes good just isn’t good enough. 😦 And don’t we all deserve a shot at happiness?

As you can see by my gush-a-thon I loved this book and cannot recommend it highly enough! Sure, I am late to the party (given that the book came out in 2010) but if you haven’t read it yet then trust me – you will love it!! Go. Buy the Book!

kapowRated 5 stars by Barb

LYLBTB 50 star