Title : Brokenhearted

Series : Hope Cove, Book #1

Author : Cate Ashwood

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 210 pages (e-book)

Published : November 8, 2013

Rating : ★★★★



Hope Cove: Book One

Oliver Parrish has been alone in the world since he was born. So when Sheriff Owen “Mack” Macklin shows up on his doorstep to deliver the news that Oliver’s sister has died, he’s beyond surprised. Still, Oliver returns with Mack to Hope Cove, Maine, hoping to get to know the sister he never knew he had. As he tries to snap these new elements into his solitary life, he’s not sure how they might fit.

His life is shaken up further as he falls in love with the irresistible town of Hope Cove, and with Mack, its equally irresistible sheriff. But when he receives devastating news about his sister’s cause of death, Oliver doesn’t know whether to stay and fight for love and a good life, or cut his losses and run.


This was a sweet story. It’s my first Cate Ashwood story and it won’t be my last. I enjoyed the characters and the story. The writing was engaging. I think this is one of those books that if you like sweet with a good amount angst you will really like it. If you need something more than a contemporary with angst and a HEA, you won’t be screaming its praises to your friends. Doesn’t mean you didn’t like it, just wasn’t necessarily squee worthy. Which is totally fine! Not every book I read has to be the best ever. Or could be. Heartbroken plays on the trope of a person finding acceptance and the place they’re meant to be, in a new town. It’s obviously the start of a series.

Oliver is just looking forward to some down time from his 14 hour shifts as a sous chef. What he gets is a gorgeous sheriff waiting for him on his porch. Mack tells him he has a deceased sister who left all her possessions to him. Oliver is skeptical but curious, so he jumps on a plane to Hope Cove. Everything has happened so fast and it’s weird. He went from being alone in the world to just missing his chance at a family. Oliver doesn’t want to stay at his sister’s apartment, so Mack offers to let him stay at his house. There seems to be an attraction between them but he’s not about to make a move on the big and probably straight small town sheriff. Oliver learns about his sister through her journals. He gets to know the town and some of its people, falling in love with them.

Eventually Mack makes a move on Oliver and they started some heavy messing around. Mack hasn’t ever been with a guy before. Eliot wants to be with Mack but he’s also waiting for Mack to freak out. Leaving Oliver waiting around for Mack to let him know what’s going on between them while trying to figure out if he wants to stay in Hope Cove and start a new life or go back to what he knows.

While I liked most of the story it did have one thing that was sadly predictable in so many stories. The big freak out and run away towards the end of the book. I think with the situations going on in this book, Oliver needing to go back to his life in Seattle and get his shit together would have been understandable and realistic. Other than that it was a pretty good book. The playfulness of the MCs in and out of the bedroom, or wherever the mood struck them, was sexy and fun. The town the series takes place in is charming. Hopefully the next one is about Haydn, a secondary character and new business partner to Oliver. I loved him. Can’t wait to see which guy wanders into town to steal his heart. I’m also wondering about the new and very perceptive deputy on the force. Could he have his own book coming? Looking forward to reading about whatever comes next.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 40 star