The 2013 Advent Event : LYLBTB and friends

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Welcome to the 2013 LYLBTB Advent Event!

We are thrilled that so many authors have gone above and beyond in getting into the spirit of the Holiday season with us – they have truly blown us away with their generosity! We have codas and gifts and reviews – so many great things coming your way….

christmas_gift1. First up we have the wonderful Rhys Ford – who has shared with us a Christmas coda from her Cole McGinnis Series, as well as a cute little recipe and instructions for salt dough tree decorations. Read the entire post HERE.

2. Secondly we have the gorgeous Silvia Violet – and her book “Needing a Little Christmas” (much like the author) is small – but it packs a punch! Deb really enjoyed this Christmas book, and Silvia has given us a little bit of info on the two guys…. “Mac and Eli are very different but they both love Christmas. Their favorite things to do are decorate the Christmas tree, consume lots of yummy holiday baked goods, and spend time with their families.” See Deb’s review HERE.

Christmas-Bauble-psd944563. Today Kate Lowell stopped by to tell us a bit about her new Christmas book – “Christmas Goes Analog” and kindly offered up a choice of prizes for our Secret Santa Giveaway!! Read her full post HERE.

1_dsn_img_candies christmas4. We have another Christmas book giveaway today!!! This time from S.E. Jakes. It is “Ties that Bind” and it is from the Men of Honor Series. We have just read and really enjoyed the latest book in that series! See Faye’s review and the full post HERE.

5. I got to meet ZAM at GRL – and she was a blast!! I adore her books ❤ so was delighted to be included on her Lost and Found Blog Hop! Part of the money from the sale of these books goes to mission of the Ali Forney Center, and we at LYLBTB are adding 2 copies of her book (not the collection) into the Secret Santa Sack! See our stop on the hop HERE.puppy

6. And now we get a little bit naughty… as K.A. Merikan says “even bad boys need a happy ending” 🙂 We looked at Doggie Bagg’d, their latest in the XXX’d series and liked it!! A lot ! We also love that they have offered up the 3 books in the series as a giveaway! See our review HERE.

7. Oh man.. this series of books was incredible – just such an amazing reading experience!! Rifter by Ginn Hale – Sen.Sational!! And we have a beautiful coda from this series and in Santa’s sack goes the set of 3 paperbacks! Read the coda HERE – you will LOVE it ❤

gift8. “Let It Snow” by Heidi Cullinan is next – and we have both a review and a giveaway! Heidi has kindly offered a pdf of the book, to one lucky commenter. Check out Whitney’s review HERE.

9. One of the cutest Christmas stories out there!! “Blame it on the Mistletoe” by Eli Easton – for a chance to win this book read the post HERE.

10. Return of the KA Merikan 😀 ~ this time we have a peak into the Lust Pit and the kind of Christmas that Ryan and Liam are planning. And up grabs is the Complete Story : Special Needs 1 & 2. See the full post HERE.1_dsn_img_candies christmas

11. Another exclusive coda today – and it is a corker!! This one is from Nicole Kimberling, and it features Peter and Nick, from the Bellingham Mysteries Series. And as if that wasn’t enough.. we have a paperback of Nicole’s Turnskin up for grabs!! Read the wonderful coda HERE.

12. Lee Brazil shared a delicious recipe with us;  and Barb reviewed Loving Jacob and the Holidays follow up book – both of these have gone into Secret Santa’s Sack ~ check out Lee’s recipe HERE.

Bell13. Lucky for some? Lucky for us!!! We at LYLBTB are delighted to have had a coda from SE Jakes – with Tommy and Prophet, from her Hell and High Water Series, and some uber sexy gifts ❤ Check out what that delicous duo are up to HERE.

14. We were lucky enough to have Ginn Hale. AGAIN!!! This time she shared a coda from her Lord of the White Hell series – and it was wonderful. As per usual. Read it HERE.

15. SE Culpepper stopped by to tell us what her Liaisons lads were up to, and she added an e-copy of “Fall Apart” to a full-to-the-brim Santa Sack. Check out her full post HERE.

christmas_tree_png_by_dbszabo1-d347mg216. SA McAuley stopped by today to share a coda from her Team Maker Jock Series – we also have a gift going into the Sack, “Treadmarks and Trade Marks”. Read the coda HERE.

17. Amy Lane has 2 Christmas books out this year! Into Santa’s Sack went “Going Up” and she told us one of her Christmas traditions – no recipe, methinks there may be secret herbs and spices thing going on 😛 See the full post, including Faye’s review of “Christmas Kitsch” HERE.

18. Sam, from “Too Stupid to Live” stopped by today – and gave a really funny interview! Thanks to Faye and Anne Tenino! And into Santa’s Sack goes an e-copy of “Too Stupid to Live”. Read the full post HERE.

christmas_stocking119. Ce and Dan, thanks to LB Gregg, make an appearance today. And their coda is just wonderful!! God, I love these guys ❤ for a chance to win a signed copy of “Trust Me if You Dare” or an audiobook of “Simple Gifts” then be sure to comment on the post thread. Read the full post HERE.

20. Susan Mac Nicol stopped by next, and she shared a character interview with us: Nick and Owen are from her book “Worth Keeping” and it certainly piqued our interest!! See Whitney’s subsequent review of the book HERE.

21. Keeping the Brit vibe going… Clare London shared a little family Christmas tradition with us, as well telling us all about her new Christmas book “Nowhere to Hide”. She also generously added a copy of the book into the seriously over-stuffed santa sack! See the full post HERE.

Christmas-ornaments22. Today we have another visit by the wonderful Ginn Hale – this is her THIRD coda. Such a treat!! And we loved it ❤ this one is from her “Wicked Gentlemen” world. Huge thanks to Ginn for sharing so much of her wonderful work with us. See the full post HERE.

23. And so we get to one of my favourite authors out there.. the one, and the only, Josh Lanyon. He has generously shared a coda from the Petit Morts series – one of my all time favourite couples – Michael and Ethan ❤ annnnd into the sack goes an ebook copy of “Sweet Spot”. Read the full post HERE.

24. This duo, in fact the entire cast in the By Degrees Series, is right up there with the absolute best guys in any self respecting Fictional Floozies list 😀 Taylor V Donovan shared a coda with us from this series, featuring Sam and Mac… and it was purrrfect!! Read the full post HERE.

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Finally – Christmas day is here and all the wonderful gifts are dished out! Winners being declared on the respective posts, and emails were sent out as confirmation. Thank you so much – authors for sharing their time, and readers for commenting! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you all!! See you next year …