Bone Rider


Title : Bone Rider

Author : J. Fally


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Science Fiction

Length : 310 pages (e-book)

Published : October 28, 2013

Rating : ★★1/2



Riley Cooper is on the run. Misha Tokarev, the love of his life, turned out to be an assassin for the Russian mob, and when it comes to character flaws, Riley draws the line at premeditated murder. Alien armor system McClane is also on the run, for reasons that include accidentally crashing a space ship into Earth and evading U.S. military custody. A failed prototype, McClane was scheduled for destruction. Sabotaging the ship put an end to that, but McClane is dubbed a bone rider for good reason—he can’t live without a host body. That’s why he first stows away in Riley’s truck and then in Riley himself. Their reluctant partnership soon evolves into something much more powerful—and personal—than either of them could have imagined.

Together, they embark on a road trip from hell, made all the more exciting by the government troops and mob enforcers hot on their trail. Misha is determined to win Riley back and willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe. When hitman and alien join forces, they discover their impressive combined potential for death and destruction. It will take everything Riley has to steer them through the mess they create.


I receive books from publishers and authors in return for an honest review. Sometimes, I just don’t want to deal with that honesty. When choosing a book I read the blurb and try to determine if a book appeals to me. I like science fiction, so I thought “Bone Rider,” by J. Fally would be a great fit. And in a lot of ways it was. Riley Cooper didn’t want to deal with the fact he was still madly in love with a mobster and was on the run from him. Misha Tokarev was trying to track down his boyfriend, with whom he’s desperately in love, and an alien weapon and armor system was doing it’s best to stay alive. The armor system isn’t able to survive long term outside a host and attaches himself to Riley. Riley, appropriately, freaks out a bit. The armor system decides he likes Riley a whole lot. They do get to be friends of a sort. The armor system names himself McClane, ’cause yippee kiy yay. Meanwhile, Misha’s spy has found Riley and Misha is closing in on him. Unbeknownst to Riley, Misha, and McClane, the US military is also closing in on Riley. More importantly, the US military is closing in on McClane. That’s where I just stopped reading. It took me five days to get there.

This book was kind of boring. I wanted to enjoy the multiple points of view, but I felt there were too many for me to enjoy the tension created by knowing the enemy is bearing down on the hero while they’re still blissfully ignorant. Having one military point of view would have been more than enough. At some points, it just felt like random head hopping. The science fiction aspect was interesting. I felt the scientists in the story made some intuitive leaps that made no sense for the sake of the plot. Then, in some ways I couldn’t tell if the book was more science fiction oriented or romance oriented. I honestly would have been okay with either, but I felt the focus of the story was neither the military tracking down McClane and Riley, nor was it Misha tracking down Riley. It was a tracking book? Even with all my complaints I didn’t hate it. I really wanted to like this book and part of me feels had I just stuck with it five more pages it would have suddenly become awesome and everything I had hoped for after reading the blurb. Unfortunately, after five days I had to cry uncle. This book was just not for me.

Rated 2.5 stars by Faye

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