The Scarlet Tide


Title : The Scarlet Tide

Author : Stephen Osborne


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal

Length : 200 pages (e-book)

Published : October 11, 2013

Rating : ★★★★


Blurb :

A Duncan Andrews Thriller

Duncan Andrews, a private detective who specializes in paranormal cases, is back, along with his usual gang. Robbie Church, his boyfriend, is a ghost. Gina, a centuries old witch, is his best friend. And Daisy, Duncan’s bulldog, just happens to be a zombie. Odd man out seems to be Nick, a history teacher. He’s a normal, living human.

Duncan’s latest case leads him to a rock band in Indianapolis called The Scarlet Tide. It doesn’t take Duncan long to realize all of the band members are vampires. He sets out to destroy them, but runs into trouble with the charismatic leader of the band, Dominic Hunt. Duncan ends up under Hunt’s psychic control, and is forced to examine his relationships with Robbie and Nick, as well as his attraction for Hunt. Can Robbie and Gina help Duncan break Hunt’s psychic grip? Is there any hope the vampire can be destroyed once and for all?

Review :

I’m a fan of this series. The MCs are in love but can’t touch each other beyond a peck on the lips. And yet the love story is so good! No silly reasons for keeping these two apart. One died ten years ago but they love each other so much he can’t move on. Still not sold on ghost and living being love stories but this one just does it for me. I’m hooked!

In this installment we get vampires! They’re sexy but they’re evil so no sparkle here. Duncan is a little bad ass in this one. Once again I am full on smitten with Robbie and Duncan as a couple but things are getting harder for them to ignore. I know some people may be getting tired of the love triangle that could be. I completely get it. However, I don’t want Robbie to pass on! So, as long as he’s there I’m happy. This book actually scared me in that regard. Seems the true love I’m so invested in, the one that has transcended death, is now in jeopardy. Nick is making his feelings known. Was again Robbie thinks he’s keeping Duncan from having a living breathing partner he can touch. Duncan can’t imagine his life without Robbie but he also can’t ignore his response to Nick. He feels guilty even thinking about it. It’s really a touch situation.

I will say this was the first book in the series where I get to know Nick beyond the guy moving in on Robbie and Duncan’s non-conventional relationship. I wonder if that was on purpose? If the question of Robbie moving on has been there since book 1 and Nick showed up in book 1 but we don’t really get to know him until book 3 is the author setting us up for Robbie’s passing? Or just creating that possibility and tension? What his plan it’s working! I both can’t wait for and am scared of the next installment. This series certainly isn’t you normal m/m romance. There is little to no on page sex. The relationship struggles are a constant but it also focuses on a paranormal mystery that Duncan is always in the middle of. I really enjoy this series and recommend to any m/m readers who also like Urban Fantasy.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 40 star