Never too little, never too late …

News moves fast in a small internet community and most of us are already aware Eric Arvin is having serious health problems. Whereas this is bad enough for any family to experience, his hospital isn’t near home. TJ Klune and Eric’s family are staying in hotels. The need to be with your kids when they’re sick or hurt doesn’t magically go away when they turn 18. This is a huge financial burden that can be made smaller with our help. Eric and TJ’s friends have set up an account to receive donations so we can share the load and show our love. There is no donation too small or too late to help.

As most of the community is aware Eric and TJ are part of a group of friends who call themselves “The Crack Crew.” Before the news trickled down to the community at large they were the first on hand to help…. so big thanks to them, MASSIVE thanks, for setting this all up!

To contribute follow the link : FUND FOR ERIC

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