LYLBTB Advent Event 2013 : S.E. Culpepper

The Liaisons Series by S.E. Culpepper is a hugely popular series! We at LYLBTB love it!! So we asked her what the Liaisons Lads were up to over the holidays, here is what she shared … 

The Liasions Series 

by S.E. Culpepper

If there is one thing that the boys of the Liaisons Series love, it’s Christmas, and this year, their plans ran the gamut from syrupy sweet to adventurous.

BellRafe and Jeremy (Private Eye) plan on buying a Christmas tree early and decorating it while listening to every Christmas album they own. The day after, they will probably get in an argument about how to best hang the lights outside the house, which will be settled in a hot shower–one of their favorite places to be…

Zane and Mark (Question Mark) are with their families this year in the mountains of Tahoe. If you want the details, including several “Reid sightings” you should check out Fall Apart.

giftChristian and Kevin? (Lost Won) They’re getting ready for another deployment. Kevin leaves for Afghanistan in January, so they’re filling all the time they have together with traditional celebrations. Risa is planning to teach them how to properly bake Christmas cookies, and Jack is planning a shopping expedition for all of them that includes several stops at bars along the way. That will explain the weird gifts they’ll end up wrapping for each other when they’re sober.

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S. E. Culpepper lives and works in Oregon state. She reads too much, stays up too late, and wakes up too early. She loves to hear from her readers and makes it a point to get back to them.

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S.E. Culpepper has kindly offered up an e-copy of her latest book in The Liasions Series, “Fall Apart”. Barb and Whit read and reviewed it a couple of months ago… it is good!! For your chance to win it we need you to comment – what is the most dangerous sports activity have you ever done? The winner will be announced on December 30th – Good Luck!!