The Fall



Title : The Fall

Author : Kate Sherwood


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Western

Length : 214 pages (e-book)

Published : December 16, 2013

Rating : ★★★★


Blurb :

Every relationship leaves something behind. Dumped by his sugar daddy, part-time model Scott Mackenzie somehow ends up owning an abandoned church in rural Ontario. He dreams of using it for gay weddings, even if he’ll never have one of his own.

Joe Sutton is trying to keep his family together after his parents’ deaths. Between the family ranch, his brother’s construction company, and commitments around town, he doesn’t have time for a relationship. But Mackenzie is hard to ignore.

As both men fight their growing attraction, challenges to Mackenzie’s business threaten their relationship. If he can’t make it work, he’ll have to crawl back to the city in defeat. But the only solution involves risking the ranch Joe loves, and each man has to decide how much he’ll sacrifice for the other.

Review :

This was another goodie from Kate Sherwood. I didn’t event cry! I know! I kept waiting for it but it never happened. I did laugh quite a bit. Surprisingly one of my favorite parts of this book was the family unit that revolved around Joe Sutton, one of the MCs. I’m not always a fan of kids my romances but this one had just enough of it to endear me to the Suttons and their situation. Through the interactions with his family I learned so much about Joe’s character. Which I love because it feels like a more genuine way to get to know somebody. Even fictional characters. I prefer that to being told why somebody is the way they are.

Mackenzie moved to a small town in Canada after being dumped by his boyfriend. He’s determined to turn an old church into a destination wedding venue in a quaint little town. Quaint is a nice way to say the town doesn’t really have the amenities needed to support the  weddings his business plan needs to be successful. Mackenzie is determined and hires Will Sutton to do the repairs on his church. That’s when he meets the quiet but hunky Joe, brother of Will. He learns from a neighbor with all the town gossip that Joe is also gay, which gets Mackenzie to thinking maybe he won’t be the only out gay guy in town.

Joe comes to the rescue when Mackenzie’s adorable dog comes into contact with a porcupine and loses. Mackenzie sees this as his chance to get to know Joe by way of thanking him. He thanks him alright, they end up having hot sex! Both men enjoy each others company and obviously the physical connection is there but Joe has been burned in the past from jumping in too soon. Mackenzie just got out of a relationship and should be focusing on making his business take off. They decide to keep it casual but that’s easier said than done with their chemistry.

I liked so much about this book. Despite a very busy and tiring weekend, I just kept thinking how much I wanted to get back to Mackenzie and Joe. There’s was just that something between them that makes you smile. The sex was meaningful and hot. Oh and playful! These two have so much fun together. AND Joe needs some fun in his life. Being the one in his family who is always the rock takes it’s toll on Joe and he doesn’t realize until he has Mackenzie for support and relief, how much he needs what he’s found with Mackenzie. Sadly, the model from the city and the farmer/ firefighter from the country don’t communicate so well. Mackenzie really tries but obviously doesn’t succeed since Joe doesn’t know how he feels. His friends and ex don’t help matters. Joe has some insecurities but at the same time knows himself so well. I loved knowing what was going on in his head while and then on the next page seeing him through Mackenzie’s eyes. Like you can see that Mackenzie isn’t seeing all there is to Joe. It creates some great anticipation for the moment they get it together.

I really enjoyed this book. The witty dialogue I associate with this author was there. The loved the characters. Sexy and fun read that I would highly recommend.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 40 star