Worth Keeping

Title : Worth Keeping

Author : Susan MacNicol


Publisher : Boroughs Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 256 pages (e-book)

Published : December 23, 2013

Rating : ★★★


Blurb :

Abused horrifically as a boy, Nick Mathers has come to terms with his existence as a man. Mostly. Other days life seems a little much. Especially when Nick knows he’ll always be alone.

On those days his thoughts turn black. He walks the Norfolk coast and considers the frigid embrace of the waves. And then, one stormy night, he finds someone who’s tasted just that. The beautiful stranger on the beach is near death, and Nick rushes him home to slowly nurse back to health. As he does, he finds a love unlike any other. Owen Butler’s body is as warm as the sea was cold, his heart as big as an ocean. And Owen is a man who swears to repay the favor. Nick can yet be saved from himself, and he will see that he is indeed a man…


Review :

Reading the blurb of this one totally freaked me out. I am NOT a fan of abuse books and am a self proclaimed wimp. I have read some pretty disturbing stuff though. For me personally it requires a certain mood before I will even attempt to read these books. That being said this book wasn’t as harsh as some books I’ve read. I think the author did a good job of sufficiently gutting me with very small doses of Nick’s sexual abuse flash backs. I’ve read books that almost seemed like the author gets off on it it’s so explicit. Or they torture their characters for dramatic effect. That sickens me honestly. This had just enough to smack you in the face with the reality and past Nick has to deal with everyday. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a dark read but there is a lot of healing that goes on in this book. Not easy or quick, so be prepared for some ups and downs between the MCs. I’m glad I read it and I don’t always say that after read abuse books. The pain we go through with the MCs as the reader HAS to be worth it in the end and for me it was in Worth Keeping.

This book isn’t all abuse. It’s actually pretty romantic. There’s definitely a lot of sexual chemistry between the MCs. Nick just has limits to what he can do and opening up emotionally or sexually to a guy he barely knows isn’t easy. Things heat up pretty quick and feelings get involved. Owen has his own sad history he’s been struggling with. Meeting Nick actually helped him move on. Nick’s past is so traumatizing it’s not that easy to move on but he realizes Owen is giving him the support and love from as a lover and friend. Something he never thought he’d have with his issues. At times this book tipped a little too far into sweet for my tastes but that’s just me and frankly these characters deserved it.

I did think the ex was a little over the top. His POV was pretty gross and in fact his scene where he beat and raped the prostitute did go too far. I know it was meant to make me hate him, and it worked, but I was pretty disgusted for the rest of the book after that. Personally, I can’t read that and then get into a sex scene ten pages later. No matter how hot it was. And Nick and Owen were pretty hot! There were a few typos and grammar issues with my copy of the book. If I notice it, then some of my friends would cringe.

Most of the book is about healing and falling in love. It’s just hard to not speak of all the abuse when it plays such a huge part of the make up of the story. So be prepared for what you’re getting into with this book . I’d give it a 7 on the heartbreaking gut wrenching scale. If you’re feeling brave and want an intense read that does end in an HEA, you should give this one a try.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 40 star