Title : Pony

Series : Guards of Folsom, Book 3

Author : SJD Peterson

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, BDSM

Length : 200 pages (e-book)

Published : December 30, 2013

Rating : ★★1/2



Grant Maxwell, aka Max, wakes to find his coffeepot has died in the night. Not one who can start his day without his favorite brew, he heads to the local coffee shop. Max finds something even more appealing than caffeine in the form of a twenty-six-year-old hottie Aiden James. For the first time in his life, well-established, confident and respected Dom Max finds himself sputtering and unsure in the face of Aiden’s charms.

Aiden lives with three roommates, works a dead-end job, and isn’t sure where his life is heading, that is, until he meets Max. Max introduces him to a foreign yet intriguing lifestyle, and they soon discover they have something more than mutual attraction in common.

A shared kink is one thing, but Aiden’s past vanilla sexual experiences as well as his fear of losing himself in Max may keep Aiden from experiencing his fantasy. Max has an obstacle of his own to overcome. He must somehow figure out how to help Aiden explore his submissive side when, for the first time in his life, he’s head over heels in love.


Grant “Max” Maxwell has the hots for his barista so he asks him out on a date. Max is usually pretty suave but Aiden throws him for a loop. Max second guesses himself and is off balance when they finally go out. Aiden simply finds himself attracted to Max and is happy to go out and start something new. What does surprise Aiden is how quickly he finds himself thinking of Max and only Max. While watching some porn Aiden also finds himself thinking of Max doing some very sexy things to him. Luckily for both men, their kinks match beautifully. Max and Aiden begin to see more of each other. For a time Aiden fears he’ll lose himself to all that Max wishes for him. They are embarking on a D/s relationship and Aiden wants to maintain his sense of self. They do have some time to think about the direction of their relationship while Max has to go away for work. When the men are happily reunited they sign a short term contract to formalize their relationship. When the contract is up Max doesn’t want to renew it for a very specific reason.

I did not love this book. It was very frustrating for me. I’ve enjoyed this series and other books by SJD Peterson but this book did nothing for me in terms of plot. As always, the sex was fantastic; however, I don’t read simply for the sex. I felt the character of Max was vaguely pedantic, which I didn’t find sexy or endearing. I felt the character of Aiden didn’t have a strong personality himself and his fears of losing himself in Max were very real as a result. For the most part, I think this was simply a matter of the wrong book for me. I’ve seen lots of very positive reviews and I’m thrilled this book has fans even if I’m not one of them.

Rated 2.5 stars by Faye

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