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What does Garrett Leigh read?

We asked her just that! And we agree with ALL her picks!

I get asked all the time what are MY favourite books in the MM genre. To be honest, it’s usually a question I dodge, because I don’t have a lot of time to read, and when I wrote Slide and Rare, I was new to the genre and had hardly read any. My list is still pretty short, but over the last few months I’ve read some blinders and it feels like the right time to share my newly extended list with you…

Memory of Scorpions – Aleksandr Voinov

My first book by the Master, but certainly not the last. This book blew my mind. It was as dark and complex as, say, GoT, but with a far more depth. And, bucket loads of some of the best smexin’ I’ve ever read. What else could I possibly want?

* * * * *

Dark Soul 1-5 – Aleksandr Voinov

Yeah, I admit it: I have a major literary hard-on for Mr. Voinov, and Silvio Spadaro is one of my favourite characters ever, in all genres. I even follow him on Twitter. BUT, aside from my obsession with Silvio, this series taught me a lot, not least how hot a man in drag can be. On a more serious note, it also taught me how convoluted and blurred the bond between two brothers can become.

* * * * *

Aaron – J.P. Barnaby

A beautiful book. I read it not long after I’d written Slide, and Aaron’s story gave me the balls to submit Slide to Dreamspinner Press.


* * * * *

The Little Things – Jay Northcote

Jay Northcote is my feel good author. She’s who I turn to when I want some good ole’ British lovin – a taste of home. Her romance is sweet and gorgeous…like a cup of builder’s tea and a packet of Jaffa Cakes, and sometimes, that’s just what I need.

little things

* * * * *

Catch a Ghost – SE Jakes

A new find for me. SE Jakes is my action-packed-rip roaring uber masculine powerhouse of an author. Her characters are dark, edgy, TATTOOED, and make me want to scream at my kindle. I love them. Can’t get enough.

* * * * *

Life Lessons 1-4 – Kaje Harper

This series was my introduction to the genre, and Kaje Harper is still who I turn to when I want a quality piece of writing. Kaje Harper’s style is like fine wine, and Mac and Tony are one of my favourite couples ever.

So, there you have it. There’s my favourite books, what are yours?

* * * * *

About the Author

Garrett Leigh is a British writer and indie cover artist with a special interest in using the arts as catharsis in mental illness. Currently writing and designing for Dreamspinner Press, Loose ID and Extasy Books, she has a passion for darkly troubled heroes, tattoos and tales of enduring true love…not necessarily in that order.

Garrett is a lazy person at heart. She enjoys terrorising her husband and generally wasting as much time as possible.

If there were a degree in doing sweet FA, perhaps she’d have stayed at school a little while longer…

She can be found at :


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