Out of Hiding

out of hiding

Title : Out of Hiding

Author : Mia Kerick


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 180 pages (e-book)

Published : January 13, 2014

Rating : ★★★



After graduating from high school early, twenty-year-old Philippe Bergeron spent the past several years lost among the stars while fishing off the New England coast. A shoulder injury ends his dream of living reclusively on the water, and he finds himself lost among the bright lights of New York City. His older brother, Henri, has asked Philippe to chaperone his seventeen-year-old niece, Sophie, on her tours of the city’s legendary dance programs.

Sophie meets with professional dancer and choreographer, Dario Pereira, to prepare a routine for her college auditions. Dario’s cool perfection and immaculate style contrast with Philippe’s awkward scruffiness, but it wakes desires Philippe thought he’d left behind. When the attraction is surprisingly returned, Dario’s confidence won’t let Philippe remain invisible. Unsure but curious, Philippe relaxes his rule of isolation, and as the summer progresses, his relationship with Dario leads him to a surprising discovery of his submissive sexual tendencies and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Tragedy threatens to destroy the connections Philippe has made and forces him to retreat into the shadows of his past, far from the radiance of Dario’s love. Ultimately, he must decide if it is time to stop hiding and set himself free.


I thought I’d love this book base on other reviews but sadly I did not. I honestly didn’t enjoy the characters or the premise of the book. The blurb sounded great. I can see how some people might have enjoyed it but it just never clicked with me.

Philippe’s mother died when he was young. Leaving him an emotional wreck. All the attention he got but didn’t want after her death left him wanting to be invisible. So he takes off on a fishing boat as soon as he can but gets injured. He’s not allowed to do anything physical, so when his niece needs a chaperone, and he needs a job, he goes with her to New York. There they go through the dance schools trying to decide where she’ll go when she graduates high school. His brother hired an instructor to help with her audition piece. This is where he meets Dario.

Dario is a well-known instructor but young and still finding his way as a professional dancer. He makes most of the money he needs helping younger students. Dario is attracted to Philippe. He asks Philippe out and he accepts. Dario starts to see beyond the hippie exterior to the kind shy soul.

Even writing that out makes me think I’d like it. For me there was just no connecting with the characters or the story. I think there was just too much time spent on Philippe taking Sophie to her dance classes. People interested in New York’s premiere dance classes may love this but I was reading it for the MCs story. Philippe’s trauma from his mother’s death didn’t really ever resonate with me. It made sense I guess but I honestly never felt any of the pain he was suffering from. I know I was told about it but it didn’t feel it.

The relationship was awkward to me as well. It seemed very juvenile. Phillip has issues with people getting to know him so all his sexual encounters are quick one offs in the dark. Dorio is more experienced. This could be a great set up but Dorio’s commentary in the intimate scenes actually felt uncomfortable to me. I think Philippe’s character seemed more young than shy and inexperienced. Definitely damaged. Emotionally the connection they had was very sweet. Dorio was very reassuring to him that aspect. The little boy calling Philippe “Flip” was adorable. Up until this point I felt like the book was okay. Then it took another turn. The ¾ of the way through freak out. I saw it coming but really hoped it wouldn’t play out the way it did. Maybe it’s because I never really bought into why Philippe was the way he was but by this point I was over it.

Some of the writing was beautiful but it didn’t compensate for the lack of chemistry between the MCs. Sadly no raving about this book from me. Other people seemed to love it. Just goes to show we all have different tastes and opinions.

Rated 3 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 30 star