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I appreciate you hosting me today! I’m here to talk about the second book in my ABQ Heat series, Pride parades, and my hometown’s weather.

The major life changing event for Kyle happens at the Pride parade. I wrote Polyester Prince over the summer. My group of friends and I have gone to the Pride parade for the past few years. My puppy joined us during 2012, and the heat wave (116F) gave us and her heat stroke. We walked a bit too much after the parade and parked way too far from the area. We learned our lesson, and in 2013 we arrived early to grab the desired shaded median and parked much closer.

The parade in Albuquerque stretches for a few miles along Central Ave and ends at Expo NM (aka the State Fairgrounds) where PrideFest is held. I’ve gone to the pride events with my friends before, but we prefer seeing the parade and meeting up at a restaurant elsewhere for food, drinks, and central air conditioning to cool off.

Polyester Prince 04 - pride paradeAlbuquerque can get some pretty hot summers. The humidity is low so that certainly helps. Despite how often I complain about highs in the low 100s, I’m forever grateful that number comes with almost no humidity.

Monsoon season hits during the summer months, and it will often bring afternoon thunderstorms and heavy rainfall followed by more sunshine. (On average Albuquerque has 280 days of sunshine a year.) The rain will boost that low humidity up but the wash usually cools the temperature down so I have no complaints about rain.

Albuquerque is a pretty arid climate, and since we don’t usually receive a lot of rain, any raindrops we happen to get are seen with disdain (because everyone knows traffic will be terrible) and happiness (because we really need the water). This subtle but noticeable change in the city is mentioned by Isaac and his partner in his bicycle unit.

Since rain is scarce for me in Albuquerque, I love it. If I’m able, I’ll sit on my porch and watch the storm. Is there a type of weather you don’t see often, but when you do, you go out of your way to enjoy?

* * * * *

 A NSFW Excerpt

Isaac’s lips were poison, his touch fire, and his whispered words a catalyst sending every synapse in Kyle’s brain into overdrive. He couldn’t deny his desire for Isaac much longer if he wanted to keep his sanity.

Kyle pulled off Isaac’s shirt and tasted his skin above his rapid heartbeat. They had somehow managed to tumble through Isaac’s door, limbs tangled, mouths and teeth bumping against each other, and landed on Isaac’s couch. Kyle straddled Isaac to obtain an advantage before he could be rolled to his back again.

Isaac let his hands roam free, squeezing Kyle’s thighs until his confidence was boosted by what Kyle assumed to be his quiet noises of encouragement. He then cupped Kyle’s ass and pulled him closer. Kyle countered with a playful smirk and ran his fingers down Isaac’s torso.

Unlatching Isaac’s belt, Kyle kissed Isaac’s neck and sucked softly at his pulse point. Isaac explored the stretch of Kyle’s jeans, and Kyle started to wonder if he hoped he would wear the material away.

“We could ditch the couch.”

Kyle froze with his hand inside Isaac’s pants and his fingers against his cock. Isaac’s suggestion wasn’t entirely senseless. A bed would be more comfortable, but the bedroom opened up the possibility of intercourse. Kyle hadn’t lost interest after last night’s session but wanted to postpone intercourse with the hope of keeping it that way.

“The rug will give me carpet burns,” Kyle teased as he pulled Isaac’s erection out of his pants. It was heavy in his hands but fit perfectly. Kyle’s pulse spiked.

“The bed won’t.”

“I still don’t plan on being horizontal.” Kyle pushed free of Isaac’s grasp and lowered onto his knees between Isaac’s legs. There he admired the rosy tint to the head of Isaac’s cock, how it leaked when he gave it a gentle squeeze, and how Isaac’s breath caught when Kyle’s tongue lapped up the liquid at the tip.

Kyle had never counted the number of blowjobs he gave or received, but he never lied about how much he preferred to be the giver. How a man reacted with a pair of lips around his cock painted a pretty good picture of the type of a partner he would be.

“Jesus, Kyle.” Isaac’s verbal reaction started out strong. Full words strung out in a sentence. Kyle licked the shaft and teased the head with his teeth. When Isaac’s response melted into a moan, Kyle swallowed his cock.

* * * * *

About the Book


Kyle Edington built his life around clubs, alcohol, nameless sex, and turning a blind eye to his future, but having front row access to his best friend’s perfect relationship leaves him wanting something he doesn’t understand—the white picket fence. After an ankle injury hinders his plans for PrideFest and puts his day job selling furniture at risk, Kyle attends Pride anyway to cheer himself up. Leaving his crutches at home was a mistake, though, and he’s shoved off balance and hits his head.
A bike officer keeps him safe until the paramedics arrive. Kyle’s memory of the event is foggy. He doesn’t recall the name or face of his guardian angel, but he definitely remembers the finest polyester-covered ass in all of Albuquerque.

But when he goes in search of his polyester prince, Kyle realizes relationships take hard work. After he learns the name of that perfect ass, a lifetime of avoiding serious boyfriends leaves Kyle second-guessing himself and making difficult decisions about what he wants for his future


* * * * *

About the Author

Hayley B. James grew up living in her fantasies but never writing any down, but after she found M/M slash online she wanted to form her incoherent daydreams into something others could read and enjoy.

On holidays she can be seen taking gifts to the fire and sheriff departments by her house. Hayley is fascinated by law enforcement but is happy working inside of a small office and writing during her spare time.

She can be found at :


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