Grime Doesn’t Pay

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Title : Grime Doesn’t Pay

Series : The Brothers Grime, Book 2

Author : ZA Maxfield

Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 241 pages (e-book)

Published : November 27, 2013

Rating : ★★1/2



Eddie Vasquez is hot for his niece Lucy’s third grade teacher, B. Andrew (call me Andrew) Daley. Eddie can’t wait to take Andrew dancing to show him his moves. The only problem is, Andrew keeps talking about books Eddie hasn’t read, that he can’t read — at least not in the usual way — because Eddie’s dyslexic.

When the two men find Eddie’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Henderson, wandering the school grounds confused and smelling of human decomposition, they come together to help her. Eddie’s fiercely loyal, and this is the teacher who uncovered Eddie’s learning disability and helped him regain his self-esteem. He’ll do anything, even take on a massive cleaning job pro bono to pay Mrs. Henderson back for the support she’s given him.

Andrew and Eddie come from different worlds, Eddie can’t read, Andrew can’t dance. Andrew’s father is a horrible snob and if all Eddie’s secrets are laid bare, he’ll have plenty to feel superior about. But Eddie and Andrew have taken on a massive project together, and their growing attraction can’t be denied. They learn the trick to forming a lasting partnership in dance and in life might be finding a partner whose weaknesses you can live with and whose strengths make you look good, in Grime Doesn’t Pay.


Another ZAM book I devoured. One of the things I love of about reading books is getting sucked completely into someone’s story. Transported from my reality to theirs. That always happens when I pick up a book by this author. I feel guaranteed that I’ll enjoy it. I’m a fan!

This is the second book of this series and it’s about the tall, dark and handsome Eddie. He’s had a huge thing for his niece’s teacher, Andrew. Eddie has an extreme form of dyslexia and has fought his entire life to hide it . He never minded coming out but being made to feel like he was dumb has always been a sore point for him. Eddie thinks a teacher could never be serious about a guy who can’t read.

Andrew has been waiting for his chance to ask Eddie out. Eddie is big and manly and that’s what turns him on apparently. Eventually he takes the leap and asks Eddie out. The first date is a bit of a disaster but that basically forces them to be more honest with each other. Things get heavy quickly and the guys actually take on the opposite roles you would expect in the bedroom. Andrew is in control and toppy while Eddie finds he enjoys playing the submissive role.

Both men are hiding something they’re ashamed of from the other. Andrew’s dad has become a hoarder after the death of his wife. It’s something he tries to hide from his new boyfriend until he can’t anymore. Eddie being the nice guy he is offers his company’s assistance when the city threatens to condemn Andrew’s father’s home. Through the clearing out process everyone is forced to look at themselves and face things they’d been avoiding for way too long.

This book was really good. I like how the heavy topics of dyslexia and hoarding were worked into the story without smothering the love story. The focus was always Andrew and Eddie. Their banter was so much fun and sexy as hell! They really made a great couple to read about. There is no way you can’t love Eddie. A big and mostly honest teddy bear of a man who adores Andrew’s sassy ass.

I’m really looking forward to Gabe and Dave’s book. That one has to be angsty as hell because Gabe has loved Dave for so long. Dave has MAJOR issues that need resolved and is all but blind to Gabe’s love. It’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait to read it. Really really enjoyed both books in this series so far. Put these on your TBRs and don’t wait to read them like I did. You won’t be sorry.

Rated 4.5 stars by Whit

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