Title : Eidolon

Author : Jordan L. Hawk

Series: Whyborne & Griffin, Book 1.5

Publisher : Jordan L. Hawk 

Genre : M/M, Paranormal, Romance

Length : 29 pages (e-book)

Published : February 14, 2014

Rating : ★★★★★



A Whyborne & Griffin short story.

Griffin Flaherty wants nothing more than to create a perfect Valentine’s Day for his lover, Dr. Percival Endicott Whyborne. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, an evening at the theater, and a romantic interlude at home should do the trick. 

But a new client with an urgent case puts Griffin’s plans in jeopardy. A magic talisman has been stolen, and if it isn’t returned by sundown, it may unleash disaster not only on the thief but the innocents around him.

Can Whyborne and Griffin track down the thief and return the amulet by nightfall, or will dinner reservations become the least of their worries?

Note: This story takes place between the events of Widdershins and Threshold, and is narrated from Griffin’s point of view.


With her superb paranormal/late Victorian era Whyborne & Griffin series (Widdershins, Threshold, Stormhaven), Jordan L. Hawk has crafted a compelling dynamic that has captured readers in a completely unique and binding spell. Eidolon takes up the weave of this spell and spins out a poignant, parallel thread. You see, this short story, unlike the three novels, is told from Griffin’s point of view rather than Whyborne’s.

As stated in the blurb, this story takes place between Widdershins and Threshold, at which time the two men have been living together for a mere two months. I strongly recommend reading Eidolon after reading Threshold and I’ll tell you why. This series is written with exemplary character and relationship development. During the events in Threshold, so many of Whyborne and Griffin’s inner feelings are exposed, disclosed, and mold defining moments in the relationship between the two of them. It allows us to see how they both worked through feelings of inadequacy, and of feeling truly worthy of each other’s love. I really favored having all of that insight, and the overall POV of Whyborne, before going back and being party to what was going on in Griffin’s head during early days of their relationship.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Griffin is determined, and dare I say desperate, to make it special and memorable for his new lover Whyborne. He feels driven to prove himself worthy, just how much so made me ache for him. He is actually frightened by his feelings – which would be quite surprising to those around him, given his proven capabilities and calm, confident exterior. Given the life he had led up until this moment in 1898, Griffin never dared think it possible that he would find one person – one man – to share his life with, and since he has now found that one in Whyborne, he doesn’t dare think it will last. Oh silly, doubtful man…if he only knew. Griffin has planned what he feels is a perfect romantic evening to surprise Whyborne with. (Readers of the series will recognize the card Griffin purchases, as it is referred to so fondly by Whyborne in Threshold and Stormhaven). We all know what happens to the best laid plans though, don’t we… Of course in Widdershins, the wrench that gets thrown into Griffin’s plans has a decidedly supernatural element. Seems Miss Lester, the esoteric owner of the town Funerary has had a talisman stolen, and needs it returned by sundown or…else??!??! And…it’s already past noon.

No telling what havoc could emanate from not locating the talisman in time, but Griffin dreads the potential fallout of having his perfect evening ruined even more than whatever arcane aspects he may come up against in pursuing the case. He decides it best to enlist the assistance of Whyborne, who with his talent for turning a spell, has proved to be quite useful – to say the least – when dealing with matters of the occult. What ensues are some hair- raising and “what the heck just happened” moments, combined with the signature humor the author peppers in with great impact throughout this series. Simply reading the name of the fanciest restaurant in Widdershins, Le Calmar, makes me grin. At the same time, it was heart-wrenching to experience Griffin’s distress as he realized his perfectly planned evening was falling apart as each minute ticked by. I was left wondering just who/what Miss Lester’s Grandfather was, and if we might get mention of those two again down the road. At the end of the day, Griffin and Whyborne get to realize some of those, shall we say, best laid plans after all. Mmm, do they ever. 😉 ♥

I love this series and characters with an absolute passion. I thank Jordan Hawk from the bottom of my heart for gifting us with Griffin’s POV. Eidolon is indeed a stirring and yes, at times, bittersweet window into the very soul of this special man. To quote Whyborne: “it’s perfect”.

I must mention the cover too. I mean seriously, check out that idyllic expression on Whyborne’s lovely face, just knowing it’s inspired by Griffin … sigh. ^_^

kapowRated 5 stars by Dianne

LYLBTB 50 star