Title : Spokes

Author : P.D. Singer


Publisher : Rocky Ridge Books (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, Sport

Length : 87,500 words

Published : November 1, 2013

Rating : ★★★★★



Pro cyclist Luca Biondi lives for the race. For the star of Team Antano-Clark, victory lies within his grasp—if he can outdistance 200 other hopefuls, avoid suspicion from race officials, and keep his lieutenant more friend than foe. Luca also has secrets, and eyes for amateur cyclist and journalist Christopher Nye.

Christopher understands Luca’s need to keep their relationship under wraps, but chafes at hiding in the shadows of his lover’s career. He’s ready to cheer Luca’s victories, but he knows too well how triumph can turn to tears. While Christopher’s heart sees Luca the man, his inner journalist—and his editor—sees the cycling world’s biggest scoop.

From the jagged curves of the Colorado Rockies to the viciously steep Belgian hills, Luca can ride out any bumps—except rumors.

A few words in the wrong ear could crash everything. With miles between them, hints of scandal, and Luca’s fierce need to guard his reputation, a journalist might have to let go of the biggest story of his career or risk forcing his lover to abandon the race. Christopher and Luca face a path more treacherous than any road to the summit in the Italian Alps.


I really looked forward to reading this book and wow, the author delivered big time. Being a sports fan and fairly athletic myself, I was drawn in not only by the compelling characters, but by the obviously well researched details and depth pertaining to the cycling world and events. I really appreciated how the author immersed Christopher and Luca (and thus, the reader) in this world – it is what they lived and breathed after all – and didn’t merely use it as a backdrop. I must say the settings of Colorado and Italy became characters themselves – very vividly written. I felt like I was there alongside the guys on many of their rides.

Luca Biondi is the premier member or a world class cycling team that is training in the mountains of Colorado near Boulder. Christopher Nye is a budding journalist and amateur cyclist. He works at the cycling shop where he meets Luca. The romance between Christopher and Luca developed at a nice pace, and in a fully plausible way. Strangely enough, a tragic incident becomes something that binds them together at a very deep level. I love how Christopher’s writing became a key plot element. The fact that Luca strongly felt he had to remain closeted was completely reasonable (like it or not) given his status in the sport of cycling and that he believed he would lose everything (respect in the sport, family, endorsement deals) should it be revealed that he was gay. Christopher knew all this going into the relationship and never made demands. Watching the two of them navigate some extremely rough times in the spotlight of the cycling tour without being able to be emotionally open with each other in public was heart wrenching. I really, really cared about these two guys making it to a happy ending. The journey that takes them there is a completely remarkable read.

Highly recommended. I would love to read more about Christopher and Luca  😉

kapowRated 5 stars by Dianne

LYLBTB 50 star