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Hi, I’m JL (Jamie) Merrow, and I’m here today as part of the It’s All Geek to Me blog tour. All commenters on the blog tour will be entered into a draw to win an ebook of their choice from my backlist, plus a $10 Amazon gift certificate. A winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, 17thFebruary, 2014. Good luck! 🙂

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About the Book

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Title : It’s All Geek to Me

Author : JL Merrow

Publisher : Riptide Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 51 pages (e-book)

Published : February 10, 2014

Rating : ★★★★★

Blurb :

Jez is on a mission of mercy: to replace a tragically deceased comic book for his injured best mate, Tel. Venturing into the Hidden Asteroid bookstore in London—the temple of geekdom itself—Jez is bowled over by the guy behind the counter.

Rhys is the poster boy for hot geeks: tall, gorgeous, and totally cool. Jez is desperate to impress him, so he bluffs his way through comic book jargon . . . and then dashes back to the hospital to beg Tel to teach him how to speak Geek.

Tel’s happy to oblige, and Jez is over the moon when Rhys asks him out. He’s even more thrilled when they discover a shared love of rugby, something he won’t have to fake for Rhys. The question is, how long can Jez keep up the deception, and what will happen when Rhys realizes he’s going out with a Fake Geek Guy?

Review :

Jez meets the man of his dreams in a comic shop. The big problems is that Jez knows nothing about comics and obviously a guy in a comic shop will know quite a bit and then some. Rhys is tall and gorgeous and Jez is sloppy and pudgy. At least that’s how Jez sees it. So Jez begs his broken friend Tel, as Tel is the geek that started it all, to teach him how to speak Geek. Jez makes his return to the comic shop and strikes up a conversation with the gorgeous Rhys. Jez is not at all a smooth operator in either language, Geek or English, and as it turns out Rhys ends up asking him out for a date. Jez is a little shocked but happily agrees and they meet at a pub. As it turns out both guys like the same rugby team and have a fantastic night talking rugby. They even make plans to attend a match together. Jez is thinking Rhys is the perfect man. Tel is thinking it’s time Jez tells Rhys the truth. Jez is thinking there is no way a sexy comic geek is going to want anything to do with him if they don’t have comics in common. As it turns out, their rugby date ends up being fantastic. Something maybe a little better than fantastic, actually. Then Rhys’ sister Angharad forces a confession from Rhys that changes everything.

This was an absolutely fantastic short story. Despite being short it was a fascinating look at what poor self esteem will make us do to get what we want. Jez was so messed up by his previous boyfriend. He had no sense of self worth. Interestingly, we had brief glimpses that Rhys didn’t think a whole lot better of himself. It was also a curious reinforcement of everything we learn in high school. Stick to your own social circle and common interests trump all. In that respect I’m not sure if the book is poking fun at fandoms or confirming their worth. That’s actually pretty typical of my immediate reaction to a book by JL Merrow. I love the story and first glance then slowly begin to notice more and more layers. More than anything it’s a reminder to simply be yourself. There is so much less angst involved when you’re simply yourself. And beware of the Blerch. It’s everywhere.

Rated 5 stars by Faye

LYLBTB 50 star

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About the Author


JL Merrow is that rare beast, an English person who refuses to drink tea. She read Natural Sciences at Cambridge, where she learned many things, chief amongst which was that she never wanted to see the inside of a lab ever again. Her one regret is that she never mastered the ability of punting one-handed whilst holding a glass of champagne.

She writes across genres, with a preference for contemporary gay romance and the paranormal, and is frequently accused of humour. Her novella Muscling Through is a 2013 EPIC ebook Award finalist. She is a member of the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet organising team.

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All commenters on the blog tour will be entered into a draw to win an ebook of their choice from JL Merrow’s backlist, plus a $10 Amazon gift certificate. A winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, 17thFebruary, 2014. Good luck! 🙂