Clockwork Tangerine


Title : Clockwork Tangerine

Author : Rhys Ford


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Steampunk

Length : 240 pages (e-book)

Published : February 20, 2014

Rating : ★★★★


Blurb :

The British Empire reigns supreme, and its young Queen Victoria has expanded her realm to St. Francisco, a bustling city of English lords and Chinese ghettos. St. Francisco is a jewel in the Empire’s crown and as deeply embroiled in the conflict between the Arcane and Science as its sister city, London—a very dark and dangerous battle.

Marcus Stenhill, Viscount of Westwood, stumbles upon that darkness when he encounters a pack of young bloods beating a man senseless. Westwood’s duty and honor demand he save the man, but he’s taken aback to discover the man is Robin Harris, a handsome young inventor indirectly responsible for the death of Marcus’s father.

Living in the shadows following a failed coup, Robin devotes his life to easing others’ pain, even though his creations are considered mechanical abominations of magicks and science. Branded a deviant and a murderer, Robin expects the viscount to run as far as he can—and is amazed when Marcus reaches for him instead.

Review :

NOTE : We were given an arc in return for an honest review, and honestly? The book was freaking awesome!!

I don’t think it’s any secret I’m a HUGE fan of this author. I also love steampunk. So, I was thrilled when I heard she was writing this story. From the first page I was transported into the world she created. There were so many details that painted the picture vividly for me. I loved this. I wanted more.

I think part of what I loved about this book was the open minded determination of Marcus to do what he thought was right. In the beginning of the book I thought he was going to be a bit sketchy based on his career choice but he proved me and my assumptions wrong. Not many men would look past the way Marcus and Robin’s pasts tie together in such a brutal manner. There was something so practical but passionate at the same time about Marcus. He was a great character. Kind, brave, sexy and he was totally smitten with Robin.

Robin was odd and brilliant. I could completely understand why Marcus found him so fascinating. I was anticipating learning more about the dark and dangerous stranger right along with Marcus. Robin has been tortured physically and berated verbally because his brilliance was twisted into something evil by men when he was younger. Hell, he abuses himself mentally because of the guilt he feels over it. Marcus saves him from a beating that would have surely killed him but that was before he knew who he was. Even after he discovered the man who he saved was, Marcus was so intrigued by the man he made sure he’d heal from his injuries. By the time Robin wakes up his entire life has changed. He went from social pariah to being a dear friend of a nobleman. If only the rest of society was as embracing as Marcus.

Again, I loved this. The contraptions Robin came up with were brilliant and helpful to those in need of help when others would turn them away. It really emphasized how misunderstood he was. There was also the sodomite shaming and imprisoning aspect to the story. Robin was a known sodomite in the eyes of the people of the town. Marcus took a real risk in falling for a man who’d already been branded. He just couldn’t help himself.

I think the only thing I can complain about is that I wanted more. I could have sat there and read for hours more and still been just as entertained and continued to fall in love with Robin and Marcus. Feels like there’s potential there for more. I’d love to follow the guys on adventures. Great read!

kapowRated 5 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 50 star