Autism Awareness

We, at LYLBTB, are delighted to be part of the RJ Scott Autism Awareness Blog Hop. Our very own Starbrites holds this cause very close to her heart – so thanks Jen, for spearheading this post, and for sharing your story ❤ ❤

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Autism Fact : Everyday life for people with autism can be confusing, frightening and lack meaning.

MY son is autistic. He will be 15 soon and it has been a journey of nothing but patience – I have always been someone who doesn’t have any of it. If I wanted something, I wanted it right then. If I was waiting for someone, I wanted them to hurry up and get here already. But with an autistic child you do nothing but wait and you have to have the patience for it. My kid taught me that and is still teaching me that after many years.

photoWhen he was first born he was perfect. Yes, I know every parent thinks their child is perfect and that’s because they are. They are perfect in our eyes and they always stay that way no matter what challenges come up, but in this case he was perfect. He did everything on time just like any other child of his age and then one day it all stopped. No more mama, no more dada, it seemed like he was decreasing in everything that he had learned. He skipped crawling and went straight to standing up in the middle of a room and then walking. They said skipping crawling was a sign of a problem but I didn’t believe that. I mean my kid just stood up and started walking, he was a genius. But then we couldn’t even get him to say any basic words and I started to panic. I took him to his doctor and he said “he was fine.”

Then the ear infections started and they never seemed to stop. Once again his doctor said “he will just grow out of it.” WRONG. I found him a new doctor, one I am proud to say is still his doctor and happens to be the best thing that ever happened for him and for us. He was concerned, my child was a second away from becoming deaf, he needed to have tubes and eventually his hearing got better but the rest of him stayed the same. photo (1)When he was 2, I took him to two different neurologists because the first said “your son is autistic” and I laughed in that doctors face and told him he was an idiot and there was nothing wrong with my kid. Then I took him to another neurologist who is still my sons neuro today and he said “I am sorry but he is autistic, ADHD and cognitive impaired.” Well, it’s hard to fight a second opinion but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try. I had to wait and wait for things to happen. It was a very slow process and having patience, something I never had, was difficult. Waiting for my son to speak, to potty train, to play with others, worrying that he would never make friends or do things like the other children his age did.

The list goes on and on, but I can tell you the very first time he finally said “I love you” was the best day of my life and the waiting and having patience for it to come was worth it. He taught me and still teaches me patience everyday. Now at almost 15 years old, I am still waiting for him to do things and each time he achieves it, the patience was worth every hour, every minute and every second I had to wait for it.

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