The Devil’s Brew

devil brew

Title : The Devil’s Brew

Series : Sinners Series, Book #2.5

Author : Rhys Ford

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 70 pages (e-book)

Published : May 21, 2014

Rating :  ★★★1/2



A Sinners Series Novella

Miki St. John’s life has been turned upside down but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

His best friend, Damien Mitchell, is back from the dead. He has a dog named Dude. And more importantly, he and his lover, SFPD Inspector Kane Morgan, now share Miki’s converted warehouse.

For the first time ever, Miki’s living a happy and normal-ish life but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, Miki realizes he knows next to nothing about being domestic or domesticated. Nothing about the traditional lover’s holiday makes sense to him but Miki wants to give Kane a Valentine’s Day the man will never forget.

Can he pull off a day of wine and roses? Or will his screwed up childhood come back and bite Miki in the ass?


Juniper wine and long shots of gin
That’s where this damned hell all begins
Blood on a mirror, taint of sin
He’ll break my heart
And get under my skin
Can’t help myself.
Butterfly on a pin.
Lord help stop this damned madness
‘Cause he’s done pulled me in.
–Crazed and Moonshined”

It’s Valentine’s and while with Damien, who’s shopping for a Valentine’s Day present for Sionn, Miki starts to doubt that his gift for Kane is good enough. After all, Miki himself is not worthy of the man, why would his present be?

The Devil’s Brew is told from Miki St John’s POV and takes us through his relationships with the three most important men in Miki’s life: his brother, Damien; his love, Kane; and Donal, the man who finally shows Miki what a father figure is meant to be, and Donal is just all kinds of awesome. All three of these men love Miki beyond description and want nothing more than to see him happy. Although he doesn’t doubt their love, Miki still thinks he’s too broken to be truly deserving of it. Damien he has known long enough by now to accept that theirs is a true love born of brotherhood no matter how damaged he may be, even if it’s brothers bonded by the heart rather than blood. I really loved getting to see Miki and Damien together without anyone else with them; seeing that unique, unbreakable bond that they have with each other as strong as ever, but also how they’ve each made room in their lives and hearts for Kane and Sionn.

Miki may have doubts, but I think his presents for Kane were perfect. Especially his second one. Can’t wait to see what happens in Tequila Mockingbird.

Although a novella, Rhys Ford manages to pack a lot into The Devil’s Brew. There are the scenes dealing with the three main relationships in Miki’s life, but there is also the other members of Sinner’s Gin who are gone but not forgotten. Even though we never actually met Johnny and Dave, the deep loss of them that Miki and Damien feel is palpable in the author’s description – “Death amputated some of their limbs, and now they stumbled, unable to walk straight or grab at things properly because neither one of them could grasp the loss of their bandmates.” There are questions discussed that hint at possible future decisions. And there are hot sex scenes and wicked humour and most of all, there is love. It’ll be interesting to see how the seeds planted in this book unfold as the series goes along.

Also, the song lyrics are brilliant.

Oh, and I have to admit, I enjoyed the little cameo from my friend Felix, the “handsome silver-haired Hispanic man with an eye for pretty boys” of the Fish & Chips shop!


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