Love Lessons Learned


Title : Love Lessons Learned

Author : K.C. Wells


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY IT HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 286 pages (e-book)

Published : April 14, 2014

Rating : ★★1/2


Blurb :

John Wainwright is having a momentous day. To start off, he lands his first teaching job. Then his brother, Evan, and Evan’s husband, Daniel, take him out to celebrate in Manchester’s gay village. An encounter with a sexy man forces John to admit what he’s been denying for too long—he’s gay. His coming out proves he’s supported and loved by his family and roommates. What more could a man want? There’s just one small problem: John’s dishy Head Teacher, Brett Sanderson, and John’s gigantic crush on him. Too bad Brett is straight.

Brett Sanderson leads a double life. At thirty-three, he is the Head Teacher of a primary school. But for seven years now, during every school holiday, Brett has fled to Brighton, where he becomes ‘Rob,’ a man who has a different guy in his bed every night but has never had a relationship.

Once he’s back in school, Brett is firmly back in that closet, until his newest staff member starts prying open the door. When John pulls out all the stops to get Brett’s attention, neither man is prepared for the consequences.

Review :

I have read K.C. Wells Collars & Cuffs series and loved it.  After I read Love Lessons Learned, I realized that several of the characters in this book are also in her Learning to Love series.  Although I haven’t yet read that series, it did not take away from my reading experience at all, but rather enticed me to go back and get the background on these characters through the Learning to Love series.

I enjoyed this book very much.  The characters are well developed (even without having the back-story of some) and very likeable.  John Wainwright just landed his first teaching job.  While celebrating with his younger brother Evan, and Evan’s husband Daniel, John meets Max.  This encounter finally makes John admit to himself that he is gay.  Not a huge stretch for him to accept, but he is experiencing some major life changes and being a gay primary school teacher may not be well received, so he decides to keep it private.   In addition to the new job, John needs to find a place to live, preferably close to the school where he will be teaching.  As luck would have it, John answers an advertisement for a “roommate needed” that turns out to be perfect, close to work with three roommates, so the cost will be manageable.  While touring the house, Martin, the person that had placed the ad, wanted to make sure that John does not have a problem having three roommates that were gay.  No, this is definitely not going to be a problem!

John loves his job, the kids he teaches and the staff he works with.  He is also attracted to his mentor and head master, Brett Sanderson.  Thinking Brett is straight, John pushes these feelings aside and strives to focus on doing the best he can at his new job.

Brett Sanderson has been living separate lives for a very long time.  He takes his holidays to Brighton, where he can be himself even if he does go by another name there.  During the rest of the year, he keeps his distance from his co-workers and his professional persona in place.  This division in his life has never been a problem for him before, at least not until John Wainwright enters his life.

I truly loved John’s housemates Stu, Alec, and Martin.  They are lovely and become great friends to John.  The relationship between John and Brett was a tough one to read at times.  Ms Wells had me crying early on, then furious on John’s behalf, then skeptical, and ultimately having an “awww” moment.

I enjoyed that the story drew me in and evoked such strong emotions.  A well written story with depth, there is the lovely romance between John and Brett, wonderful secondary storylines that are developing, and a bit of drama too.  I am hoping, very much, that Alec, Martin, Stu and Max get their own books – they are wonderful characters.  I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series. Until then, I think I will start her Learning to Love series and get to know Evan and Daniel a bit better.

Rated 4.5 stars by Deb

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