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Q & A with Faye and Taylor

Today we’re thrilled to have Taylor V. Donovan with us here at Live Your Life, Buy The Book to talk about her latest release, Hearsay. Of course, now that we’ve got her here I’ll be asking questions about all kinds of stuff. Welcome, Taylor!

Thank you! Happy to be here again. It’s been a while. 🙂

bylawsI’ve read the first chapter of Hearsay, which is the beginning of a new series, and you’ve got two characters accused of various forms of child molestation. In reality such accusations, be they true or false, can easily be career ending, destroying everything someone has worked for over the years. In fiction it can be difficult to create a sympathetic character who has been accused of what we consider to be a desecration of innocence and an appalling abuse of power over the truly powerless. Is there something from which a character can not come back? Are there any crimes so heinous the majority of readers won’t accept them even in fiction even if the accusations are false?

In my opinion, child abuse of any kind is at the top of the list. It is difficult to redeem a character guilty of not only neglecting a child, but causing him or her mental, emotional, and/or physical pain. Sexual abuse of a minor makes a bad situation even worse, and rarely, if ever, people forget that offense, let alone forgive. No way.

Carrying on in the same vein, do you think readers develop mis-perceptions of an author based on their subject matter? Is there anything an author could write that would be unforgivable? Here is where I should probably admit that if Vladimir Nabokov were alive today I would not let him babysit my children.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I’d say yes. Some people choose to believe that, whenever an author writes a character that represents the worst of society into a story, we are somehow endorsing, promoting, or celebrating certain behaviors. I wish they wouldn’t do that. We are creating a work of fiction; making up people and situations to make things interesting. Hero or antagonist, friend or foe, villains with really black hearts… anything goes. Maybe you, the reader, are fortunate enough to have never crossed paths with someone like them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or that the author is one of them.

So, on a lighter note, why did you chose lawyers as characters for your new series?

Rumors, whether true or false, always affect people’s lives. Some tales can get so out of hand, they become slanderous in nature and a matter of law. I thought it’d be interesting to have a law firm with a ridiculous gossip mill and follow the life of an attorney facing possible child abuse accusations as he tries to fulfill his life dream. 🙂

What can you tell us about the characters in Hearsay and the series as a whole? Will this also be a series with an ensemble cast that we follow?

Derrick Swain and Roman Bradford are a senior associate attorney and a managing partner at Acosta, Bradford & Chadwick, LLP, and our protagonists in this trilogy. Hearsay, Gainsay, and Daresay will take us through their journey as they become a couple, face hardships, and fight to achieve their dreams and live the kind of life they always wanted.

After this trilogy I have stories planned for Sergio Acosta and Alan Chadwick, Roman Bradford’s partners in the firm, and, eventually, we’ll have the story of Tyler Coleman, a man at risk of losing everything when he becomes the victim of false accusations. Nothing else planned for the Bylaws series at this time. 🙂

by degrees5/15 is coming soon. Fans of your By Degrees series are aware of the significance of this date. Are there any plans? Any anything happening on that day?

Oh, yes. I have another short freebie coming out on May 15th. It’s titled “Slingin’ Ink” and it is the tattoo scene so many of you have asked me about. You’ll be able to download it from All Romance Ebooks, so keep an eye out for it!

You’ve already told us the next title in the By Degrees series is Six Degrees of Agony, will Mac and Sam still be the main characters? I’m becoming mightily curious about some of the other guys.

Sam and Mac are very much present in Six Degrees of Agony, but this is Logan Brandenburg’s book. We’ll get to know him better. See what makes him tick and what he’s afraid of. We’ll get to meet the meet the real man behind the mask. 😉

As a book blog, we’re not only interested in what you’ve been writing. What have you been reading?

Sadly, not a thing. Between my day job and the writing, I have no time. My TBR list is in the hundreds at this time.

Now, we move on to the Quickfire Round! Because that’s what we do!

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Quickfire Round

Cat or Dog?  – Dog.

Style or Comfort? – Both, It is possible. 🙂

Indoors Reading or Outdoors Reading? – Indoors.

Reality TV or Foreign Film? – I have a soft spot for some reality TV shows.

Favorite sister from Frozen, Anna or Elsa? – Elsa.

Favorite Boy Band? – Backstreet Boys, all right! LOL

Favorite 80s Power Ballad? – Take My Breath Away.

Thank you so much for coming here and answering our questions. Even the silly ones. Especially the silly ones.

Thank you all for having me! It’s always a pleasure to visit Live Your Life Buy The Book. See you all soon! 🙂

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About the Book


Title : Hearsay

Series : Bylaws, #1

Senior associate attorney Derrick Swain wants it all: a loving husband, a fulfilling career, and a couple of kids. After years of hard work he’s on the fast track to a promotion. He’s also met the man of his dreams. A week of daily lunch meetings in Central Park provides the perfect setting to get to know him better, and Derrick thinks it won’t be long before they take the next step and go on a date. But instead of asking him out, the object of his affection stops showing up without explanation, leaving him to wonder what went wrong.

As part owner of one of the most prestigious law firms in New York City, Roman Bradford knows that professional success isn’t the be all end all. Although he’s been lucky in life, true love has eluded him for the most part. One too many failed relationships have caused him to be leery of trying again, until he meets a man that can only be described as temptation personified. A few conversations is all it takes for Roman to start believing things will be different this time around. It doesn’t matter that they are boss and employee, or that he’s feeling too much, too fast. Not when he can see the same emotions in Derrick’s eyes. Then life turns on a dime, and Roman has no option but to let his chance at happiness go.

A battle of wills ensues when a life-altering case brings them together a year later. Roman wants to do the right thing by not letting anything happen between them, and Derrick is determined to prove they’re meant to be together. Evidence will be presented and final arguments will be made. Will they be able to come to an agreement, or will they opt to have their potential relationship dismissed?

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About the Author

Taylor V. Donovan is a compulsive reader and author of m/m romantic suspense. She is optimistically cynical about the world; lover of history, museums and all things 80s. She is crazy about fashion, passionate about civil rights and equality for all and shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television.

When she is not making a living in the busiest city in the world or telling the stories of gorgeous men hot for one another, Taylor can be found raising her two daughters and her fur baby in the mountains she calls home.

She can be found at :


For a chance to win an e-copy of Hearsay all we want to know is…. what could a character do, in a book, that would make him totally irredeemable? What could you never forgive? Good luck! and thanks for commenting