A Fighting Man

fighting man


Title : A Fighting Man

Series : Men of Manhattan #3

Author : Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Publisher : Wilde City (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 103 pages (e-book)

Published : May 7, 2014

Rating : ★1/2



Army Ranger Slater Cassidy has a very special – very sexy – target in his sights. Meeting gorgeous, smart, uber-snarky Casper Kennedy was the highlight of Slater’s last trip home to New York. The soldier in him carefully plans his conquest. Unfortunately, Casper’s wearing some seriously strong armor and Slater’s charm offensives bounce right off. Casper’s refusal to fall for him is puzzling – not to mention incredibly annoying. When Slater gets leave again after grueling back-to-back tours in Afghanistan, all he wants is another shot at wooing Casper. He jumps right into the battle for the other man’s heart, but Casper does not intend to entertain the troops. A heartbreaking revelation changes the rules of romantic warfare, and Slater suddenly realizes he doesn’t just want Casper. He wants to capture his heart, too.

Casper Kennedy is fighting a losing battle. A certain outrageously demonstrative Army Ranger has been a thorn in his side since his last trip home – and the main character in his steamiest dreams. Now he’s back. He launches an all-out sensual assault and no matter how hard Casper pushes Slater away, the man somehow manages to inch closer. So close, in fact, that Casper’s once-impenetrable defenses are in danger of collapsing. Should he throw up the white flag and take a chance at love? Or start firing back and keep his heart protected? When the handsome Ranger shows his true colors, Casper just might have to surrender the fight.


I started this book loving it. It was funny and cute. I was anticipating every little thing that was going to happen. It just made me happy. Then the couple gets together and it’s sweet. Then shit gets serious! I don’t know if I just wanted to stay in that happy place with Casper and Slater but I didn’t get to. 😦 Their little bubble of happiness was burst by real life as it’s wont to do. Sometimes this is good and grounds the humor of a book. Here I think it just went where so many have gone before. Not bad but kind of disappointing since I was loving it.

Casper was sassy and fun but not in an over the top way. He’s still heartbroken 3 years after the death of the love of his life. I haven’t read the first two in this series. Like so many books on my TBR list I’ve been meaning to. Just hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, I guess in a previous book Slater, a super sexy military man, whom also has a reputation for being a player, sets his sites on Casper. Casper’s Ex was a closeted military man and he has no intention of going there again. So he rebuffs all advances from Slater.

Slater isn’t taking no for an answer. He gets a months leave and plans on making Casper go out with him. Not the traditional way mind you. He sends strippers and singing telegrams. Then shows up during the most important meeting of Casper’s life, only to get booked to model for the ad Casper is pitching. If doing this gets Slater more time with Casper he’s in.

There were some silly moments in this book. I loved them. They really worked for me and the characters. The fun dialogue moves the book along at an enjoyable pace. I caught myself smiling throughout most of the book. The chemistry between the MCs was fun and romantic. Then tragedy slapped us in the face and Slater doesn’t deal with it well. Totally understandable and this wasn’t TOO heavy to bring me down. It just really changed the tone of the book. It did put a positive spin on it in the end.

I enjoyed this book. I’ll definitely be going back to read the others and the tease of the next couple is set up very well in this book. Good book!

Rated 3.5 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 35 star