Men of Smithfield : Mark and Tony

Not long until we get a new Men of Smithfield book from the uber talented author LB Gregg!! So we thought it would be fun to revisit the entire series – especially given that they have all had a new lease of life over at Carina. We will finish it off, on release day of book 5 “Sam and Aaron“, with an LB Gregg Q&A session and GiVeAwaY!!

But first, we kick it off with Whit reviewing book 1…

mark and tony


Title : Mark and Tony

Series : Men of Smithfield #1

Author : LB Gregg

Publisher : Carina Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 96 pages (e-book)

Published : August 6, 2012

Rating : ★1/2


B L U R B :

Coming home from work to find my boyfriend banging our hairy, married landlord — in our bed — was bad enough. Discovering Jamie had also cleaned out my bank accounts made it officially the worst day of my life. I think I can be forgiven for wanting revenge, even if a few little laws (and possibly Jamie’s nose) got bent in the process.

Fortunately, the law is on my side in the form of my oldest friend, Tony Gervase. I’ve tried to deny my attraction to the sexy trooper for years. After all, he made it clear long ago that he wasn’t interested in me that way. But if the hot encounter in his kitchen is any indication, he is now. At least the day is ending a whole lot better than it began…

But the morning after, the Jamie situation goes from bad to seriously messed up. The jerk’s in more trouble than I could have imagined. And as it turns out, I don’t know Tony as well as I thought I did either…

This book was originally published as “Gobsmacked” in February 2009

R E V I E W :

I completely forgot how funny this book is. It starts off with a bang (literally) and had me laughing out loud two pages in. You know you’re going to love a character when they wallop their bastard cheating ex in the head with a bible at church. Hilarious but never OTT. LB Gregg can write some amazing characters and infuse so much humor into her stories. She is also a master, IMO, at dirty talk. I don’t always like it but it’s always hot in her stories. Though I love humor in my books the thing that gets me in this story is that second chance trope. That these guys have always wanted to be together but the timing is just always off.

Mark came home to find his boyfriend Jamie screwing his landlord. Just to make it a little worse he’s also stolen Mark’s savings and hasn’t paid the rent in months! This may sound pretty heavy but the entire book is balanced with witty humor. The story is told from Mark’s POV and let me tell you his thoughts are so much fun. The break up is basically clearing a path for Mark & Tony to finally be together. Mark has wanted Tony forever but after Tony shot him down in High School, Mark thought there was no hope. Of course Mark has it all wrong. Tony has wanted Mark from that moment but kissing a drunk seventeen year old didn’t seem like the right thing to do at the time. When Mark started seeing Jamie, Tony had to sit by and wait for their relationship to run it’s course. Now Mark needs Tony to be there for him. Not a shoulder to cry on but relying on an old friend and maybe a little law enforcement help when Jamie turns into a bit of a psycho.

Mark doesn’t anticipate the heat that’s there between them. Or that his desire is reciprocated. He practically dares Tony to do something. This time Tony is not backing down. He wants Mark. He’s waited long enough. Even if Mark’s life is a total disaster at the moment, he’s not letting him go this time.

This was such a great quick read. It’s one of those books you tell people you love that series then finally get around to reading it again and you wonder why you waited so long. The chemistry between Mark and Tony is so good. The sex is freaking hot. Probably emphasized by the fact they have feelings for each other and have waited so long to be intimate. Tony knew he’d get his chance if he waited but Mark had lost hope. So it’s fun to see him realize what an idiot he’s been. That he’s been living with a guy he knew he’d never love, while the one who does love him has been waiting for him to realize it. This book is funny and romantic with quite a few tense moments. I highly recommend this one if you’ve never read it before. If you have, then I’d recommend reading it again! The entire series is great.

Rated 4.5 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 45 star