Where’d they all go??

Where do we go from here? Or rather … where “did” they go from here … this is a little post to tell you all where some of the reviewers have gone, as well as links to their new homes – I am sure you all will join me in wishing them the very best of luck!

10480137_454648478005975_5336443967920525074_nWhit!!!!! and Faye have set up their own review site:

It’s About The Book.

“We have plans to bring readers reviews of both LGBTQ and heterosexual romance stories or stories with a romantic component. Who am I kidding? Stories with no romance will sneak in, too. Given the sheer number of cookbooks and cocktail books I read I’m sure there will be at least a couple of reviews of those. So, we plan on bringing you a mixed bag of mostly romance, both new releases and old.

There will be a lot of familiar faces here at It’s About The Book. Most of the reviewers we’ve got lined up have been reviewing for a while. We also plan on adding new reviewers for fresh perspectives and varying opinions.”

The full intro – including why they never went with WAFFLES can be found HERE. Best of luck girls!!


1277709_1418718895011058_691950478_oDeb has also set up a blog site:

Books,Coffee & Captured Moments.

“I will be adding books that I enjoy and reviews of them. I will also post links to review sites and other places with information about books that I hope you find interesting too……..I also have a great fondness for coffee. It is a source of joy and contentment to have a large cup of hot coffee in the morning while contemplating my day. In the coffee section of this blog you will find coffee humor, fun places I have found to go enjoy a cup of Joe and various fun coffee trivia.

Lastly, I am a shutterbug. I enjoy photographing the world around me, capturing those little moments in time that caught my eye and let me hold onto them for long after the moment has faded.”

Hop onto her blog HERE, she has a lot of interesting posts and pics to while away your time nicely ❤


And to play you out… a little bit of Guns N’ Roses – not so much because any of the reviewers are my children (I’m not *that* old! 😛 ) More for the lyric “where do we go now” …. take it away Axl!