Dirty Deeds : Sexting, without the um.. sex

LYLBTB Hangover2

The following is a snatch and grab from the messaging between Andrea and Barb as they finished the book – granted, it isn’t as sexy as Mal and Cillian but it does show how much Dirty Deeds affected their day!

Beware, there are spoilers!! Seriously.

14:08 .. let the messaging commence…..

Barb : Did you finish DD

Andrea Canada : No.  I had to cook dinner.

Barb Gilmour : Pffft

Andrea Canada : They keep sexting each other.

Barb Gilmour : Maybe after this I will like P/T more

Andrea Canada : Maybe.  Tom is really innocent compared to the rest of the guys.

Barb Gilmour : I know!!

Andrea Canada : Like somehow despite all his problems he remained somehow sweet.

And it’s kind of cute both Cillian and Mal can see how much Prophet loves him.

Barb Gilmour : Now I wish I hadn’t skimmed as I def missed lots!!

Andrea Canada : Tom had a fucked up life.

Barb Gilmour : Yes. They are cute

There is heaps about John in this too

Andrea Canada : Yes.  A most likely alive John.

. . . . .

Andrea Canada : OMG!!  Poor Mal.  And poor Cillian.

Barb Gilmour : I KNOW!!!

fa. out.

far even

Andrea Canada : Dec is a long time away lol

Damn John.

Barb Gilmour : it was soooooo good!!!

Andrea Canada : And poor Prophet still sees his ghost and thinks of him as a friend.

Barb Gilmour : this is vadim/dan resolution stuff – yeah poor Prophet – sheesh wait til he finds out!!

Andrea Canada : It is.

Tom is going to have his hands full.  And then Prophet has to deal with going blind eventually.

I’ve certainly got a book hangover now.


. . . . .

Andrea Canada : Sweet!

Cillian even called Mal baby.  It’s going to take me a while to get that out of my head.

Barb Gilmour : Yep.  And when he fucked him and called him Mal then said keep quiet tonight you are Mal

Andrea Canada : I know.  And held him.

He just has to take a bullet and he’s golden.

Barb Gilmour : Five stars? 5 chillies? Kapow?


Andrea Canada : I would say 5 and 4.  It had a plot lol

Barb Gilmour : And a fist!!

Well a hand

A cyber fist

Andrea Canada : That was a good scene.

Barb Gilmour : Oh yeah

Andrea Canada : I feel so bad for both guys.

Barb Gilmour : Bet ones proddy and ones obv catholic we know. Ok bet Cillian is a proddy lol

Andrea Canada : He did say he was a wild Irish boy.

Barb Gilmour : Yep

Andrea Canada : Wait, it was the other guy from their team that was Sinn Fein, right?

Barb Gilmour : LOL it was a connection from Mal side I thought

Andrea Canada : Yes.  Ren or King

Barb Gilmour : Yeah. Ugh. So fricking good!!

Andrea Canada : Better than Tom and Proph

Barb Gilmour : for me definitely. it is just tougher

Andrea Canada : Gritty

. . . . .

Barb Gilmour : that is a serious web she has weaved!

Andrea Canada : Yeah.  Something awful needs to happen to John

Like a safe needs to Fall on him.

Barb Gilmour : yes!!

Andrea Canada : There is a whole line of people who want to kill him.

Barb Gilmour : this is how an epic series is born

Andrea Canada : I hope so.

16:35 … real life beckons