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At this stage LYLBTB is closed, and will not be accepting any requests for reviews or book tours. If a review was owed – we will endeavour to honour that debt as soon as possible.

My name is Barb – and I am a BookAholic . . . 🙂

I set up “Live Your Life, Buy The Book” in 2012 not to be a review site, per se, but more as a way of pimping the books that I love – and want everyone else to love too. So yes, you will see a lot of 4 or 5 star reviews by me – this is not because I love everything I read; but more because I am about shouting out the positives of the genre, not bitching about the negatives. Trust me though – every star will be justified, in my opinion.

In saying that, I am thrilled that some of my friends have agreed to help out with the reviews, and in no way have I put any constraints on them – I know they will review books with honesty and great insight; and they will dish out any stars as they see fit.

So here is a little bit about me, and them :


Barb  “I’m an Aussie out of Africa, with a 13 year layover in London along the way; I am a working mum with 2 teenage girls and a wonderful Irish hubby (YES! we are the United Nations!) and I love to read. What I love, almost as much as reading, is sharing the discovery of that book. You know the one. The one everyone simply has to read. Sure, I’m pushy. But a book pimps work is never done :-P”

Faye  “I’m a Southern California housewife with vibrantly painted toe nails and far too many cookbooks. My current food obsession is ice cream and all it’s trappings. I like both coffee and tea as well as an evening cocktail. It goes without saying that I read m/m romance books and the occasional m/f romance.”

Whit  “I’m a Midwest mother of two who loves her cocktails and is known to cuss a bit too much. I’m a huge animal lover and would have a house full of rescues if the hubby would let me. I love to laugh! Oh, and I probably use exclamation marks too often but whatever! 😉 The majority of my reading material these days is m/m but I still read my favorite Urban Fantasy and PNR”

BookSmitten  “I’m an Aussie girl and confirmed book addict. I support my habit by interrupting my reading time to work as a retail assistant in kitchenware. Unsurprisingly, I prefer to read the recipe books than actually cook – well, the pictures always look so delicious! I live a relatively simple life where the most important things in it are my family (for the most part, lol), and my friends; whether I see them in person, chat to them online or meet them in books!”

coffee-5Carli  “I’m a Southwestern single mom with an amazing grown son and a very busy job. I love life, dogs, red high heels, hawtsome men, lame jokes and snark, Costa Rican coffee and chocolate; but most of all,  I am crazy for authors who write the world — future, present and past — perfect in the imagining.”

Jen  “I’m a mother of 1 from Northern Michigan. I’ve spent most of my days taking care of my child and discovering my love for books. My favorite things are reading, goofing around on my phone, drinking diet Mountain Dew and arguing with my teenage kid. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than listening to my kid explain to me how he’s right and I’m wrong. My very first read was The Twilight Saga and from there my obsession grew. Now I read mostly m/m romances with the occasional m/f thrown in, but my all time favorite reads are ones that include Highlanders. Give me 2 hot warriors in kilts with swords and I would be in Heaven!”

Deb “Hello! I am a nature loving, coffee drinking, slightly dragon obsessed, book loving, native Texan. I have always had a fondness for reading and some of my happiest memories are of either being read to as a child, discovering the joy of finding a new favorite book or author, or reading with my own children. When I am not working on projects with my husband or being a mom taxi, I am reading. I enjoy many genres of books with m/m romance being my favorite but also PNR, Urban fantasy and mystery.”

458414_192084270918481_1487316558_oAlex  “I’m a snarky, northern Brit with a love of penis, both fictional and otherwise. To me, big is beautiful… and I’m talking about books, you pervs. My favourite genres are paranormal and crime, and if two guys happen to get down and dirty in the midst of all the mayhem, then I’m all for that. Outside of books I’m a bit of a fitness freak and love going to the gym. The fact that the hot muscly guys like to wear tight vests is just an added bonus.”

Dianne  “Hi all! I’m a lifelong Michigander who loves reading, music, painting, traveling, all four legged creatures, my Kindle, and oh yes…reading.  My husband and I are fortunate to have a professional life/business that has literally gone to the dogs, and we share our home with 3 awesome German Shepherds – and their hair. I credit my Mom and my Nana for nurturing my wild imagination and instilling in me a voracious reading habit from the get go. 🙂  After all, if you read, you can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything. My favorites as a youngster were The Chronicles of Narnia, The Little House books, The Black Stallion books, James Herriot’s All Creatures series and anything Ray Bradbury. I have a particular love for historical fiction and non-fiction as well.  About 3 ½ years ago, after reading some excellent fanfic “slash”, I decided to check out published M/M authors and have not looked back. The depth of talent I have found in the genre is overwhelming and the friendships I have made with fellow readers and authors alike are priceless. Oh, I also have a horse, who may or may not have ever been utilized in cowboy, epic battle, or unicorn fantasies.” 


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