June 2012

For June I will just be short and sweet – I have just read one of the saddest, sweetest, most beautiful and powerful reads — Junction X , by Erastes. I cried a lot. But when a reading journey is that good – it kinda makes each tear worthwhile. I’m not sure I will ever reread it, it was that powerful, but it was definitely a great read. I’m pimping this to the max!

I have selected 4 books that are coming up this month – 4 that I am really looking forward to reading.

Firstly the new book, Second Time Lucky, by Ethan Day –  “Second chances aren’t easy to come by but for Luke Landon and Owen West,  sometimes the best things really do come back to you.

Luke Landon and Owen West already had a once upon a time. They burned  hot back in college yet still managed to lose their way. It’s been  fifteen years since they drifted apart and while a lot has since  changed, they’ve discovered that some things still feel the same. While  one calls it fate, the other dumb luck, second chances aren’t easy to  come by. Putting the ignorance of youth and life’s baggage aside, they  just might find that sometimes the best things really do come back to you”

And (drum roll please) …. The Way Back, by Carter Quinn –  “In freshman year, Riley Evans met the best friends he ever thought he’d have, Jason and Eric. But then his friendship with Eric turned into something much more. That relationship ended almost as soon as it began, and Riley hasn’t let anyone near his heart since. Until now.

When Riley needed him most, Jason helped pick up the pieces. Six years later, he’s once again part of Riley’s life. Riley is slowly letting Jason past his defenses and is starting to see how good they are together. They’re even planning a romantic weekend getaway. Then, out of the blue, Eric calls, claiming he wants Riley back.

Riley has been dreaming about Eric for six years, but suddenly he can’t he stop thinking of Jason. Jason, who has always been there when Riley needs him—who puts Riley’s happiness above his own, even if that means his own heart will suffer. Jason insists Riley face his old feelings for Eric to make sure they’re really gone. But are they? If Riley can’t learn from his mistakes, he may be destined to repeat them—and Jason won’t wait forever.”

Next up is a new book by Harper Fox , All Roads Lead to You …. “Successful British model Sam was making a big name for himself on the catwalks of Rome when he met and fell head over heels in love with Lauro, a waiter in a pizza restaurant. Lauro, charming and naïve, returned all Sam’s affection, and they enjoyed one passionate summer in the vibrant city and the wild campagna countryside beyond. But Sam had big dreams. He accepted a modelling assignment in New York and left his pizza boy behind.
Now Sam is back, older and wiser. But Lauro is older and wiser too. Can the city of eternal romance work its magic on these two star-crossed lovers?”

And lastly, Saviours of Ostend by Marie Sexton. This is the sequel to Song of Ostend, which was a 5 star read! If you haven’t read it yet then I highly recommend that you do. 🙂

“Life on the prairie has never been easy, but now Oestend itself seems bent on destruction.

Banished from the BarChi by the man he loves, Dante Pane must find a way to rebuild his life and heal his broken heart. Unable to love women, afraid to love men, Dante wants only to find some peace.

But peace is hard to come by in Oestend

Dante’s new home reeks of death, he can’t keep his ranch hands in line, and his new cook is taking over his house. As if that’s not enough, strange occurrences plague the prairie — dead animals, unnatural weather, and voices riding wind. Dante is determined to persevere, but it soon becomes clear there’s more at stake than his ranch. All of Oestend is at risk, unless somebody can set things right.

With the help of his faithful ranch hands, Frances and Simon, and the combined strength of friends, both old and new, Dante will fight for his life, his home, and the heart of the one he loves.”