Reviews Policy


At this stage LYLBTB is closed, and will not be accepting any requests for reviews or book tours. If a review was owed – we will endeavour to honour that debt as soon as possible.

Who does the reviews?

We have a regular group of reviewers, as listed at Meet the Posse, we also have guest reviewers every now and then. If you ever feel the urge to pimp a book then contact us at and if it is a book we haven’t yet covered (and would like to) then we may post your review – ultimately acceptance or refusal of any review post is always at the discretion of Live Your Life, Buy The Book.

Where do we get our books?

• A lot of the books we review we own already – our TBR lists are legendary!

• There are also a lot of authors that are absolute MUST BUYS – so those new releases are bought As. Soon. As. Possible!.

• Sometimes we receive an advance copy provided by authors or publishers, but rest assured this in no way  influences our reviews; we critique these books just as honestly as if they had been bought with our own hard-earned cash.

What books do we cover?

• Our main focus is the m/m genre, and we cover all subgenres within it – Contemporary, SciFi, Paranormal, BDSM etc.

• We do not cover het books, per se, BUT … *trans and bisexual characters are often in the books we read so therefore a static “no m/f” rule is not feasible – it really depends on the book, and ultimately acceptance or refusal of any review request is always at the discretion of Live Your Life, Buy The Book. 

Do we accept books from authors and/or Publishers?

As stated above – we most certainly do! If you want your book reviewed then please contact us at with the following details :

“Request Review”  in the subject line, and include :

Digital e-book (mobi, ePub, PDF)





Available formats

Please note:

• Acceptance of an advance copy does not equate to an agreement to post a review.

• We are also unable to provide specific review dates. However, if you have a certain date you would prefer the review be posted, please let us know and we will take it into consideration.

• We also accept digital copies via NetGalley.

Do we host Blog Hops, Author Chats, Guest Blog Posts etc?

• YES!! We love everything to do with pimping books, to the MAX! So if you are an author or a tour organizer that wants to stop off at Live Your Life, Buy The Book then please contact us via email so we can be part of your book tour party 🙂

• If any authors want to promote their book by doing a Blog Post, Q&A session, Chat or a Giveaway please contact us at with your relevant information. We are more than happy to stalk authors – requesting Q&A sessions; but if you’re reading this, and want to do one, then we will be more than happy to accept your request.