If It Fornicates (A Market Garden Tale)



Title : If It Fornicates

Series : Market Garden, Book #4

Author : Voinov and LA Witt


Publisher : Riptide (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, BDSM, Romance

Length : 160 pages (e-book)

Published : June 10, 2013



If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

Nick is a top earner in the Market Garden, where rentboys fulfill their high-rolling clients’ every sexual fantasy. As a Dom and a sadist, he sets his own price and is experienced enough not to let any client get out of hand. He’s damn good at his job, and it’s easy money.

Or at least it used to be. But now he has a boyfriend. Spencer is a former client, a closeted corporate lawyer, and so beautifully submissive he’s perfect for Nick. He doesn’t even mind how Nick earns a living. He just wants to take care of Nick—something Nick isn’t quite sure how to handle.

In fact, Nick’s clearly off his game these days. Sure, he’s tired from his shift work and his studies, but mainly he’s bored by his clients and distracted by thoughts of Spencer—dangerous for everyone when he’s wielding a whip. Now Nick has to make a choice: give up his independence, or walk away from the only man he’s ever loved.


Market Garden is one of my favourite Riptide reads. Not one installment in this series has been a disappointment, in fact, I think it is getting better and better! As I said in my quick on the spot review comment at Goodreads – Nick and Spencer may have flown in their previous book, “If It Flies”, but in this one they are fornicating fabulous!!

It is about 3 months since they first had a scene, and they are now trying it out as a couple. Like proper boyfriend and boyfriend ♥ How on earth can this work out? I’m not sure I could deal with my significant other maintaining his job, not when that job is rent boy. But Spencer seems cool about it. Nick is certainly a pro, top Dom over at Market Gardens. So it should be fine. In theory. Theory is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Nick has a job –  a job he is good at, one that he has always enjoyed… up to now. Suddenly though he is finding himself tired and not liking his job as much. We do see him working and I thought “ugh, I really only want to read about him and Spencer”  – I shouldn’t have doubted Voinov and Witt though – as they conveyed beautifully how different it is to be a Dom-for-rent to a sub, and how immense it is to be a Dom-for-keeps to your sub. In any relationship it is incredible when you find the one, that person that you truly connect with, but in a D/s relationship to find your perfect partner increases that connection exponentially. As I said in my review for “If It Flies” – kinky kismet at it’s finest! 😉

This book is told from Nick’s POV (another thing I love about this series, the alternating POV’s!) so we get to see how he sees his sub – and I just loved Spencer even more!! He continued to be the perfect sub. In fact he may just be the most perfect sub I have ever read. He gives his all and yet never seems weak, the relief he feels when he gives control over to Nick is palpable. I swear to God my shoulders relax when his do. The fact that he is bigger and richer than Nick is something else I love – the rich Dom/poor sub can be such a cliche. There is one point in the book where they are together in Nicks flat, and Nick realises that whether they are in Spencers huge bed or Nicks little futon it makes no difference. They take up the same space. They are one. Just so beautiful.

I can’t wait to read the next one – and at this stage I don’t have a clue who it will feature… Raoul? Frank? All I do know is that I will be buying it!! Be sure to check out what we thought of the previous books in the series by clicking HERE

Rated 5 stars by Barb

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