Catch My Breath



Title : Catch My Breath

Author : M.J. O’Shea


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY IT HERE)

Genre : M/M. Contemporary

Length : 350 pages (e-book)

Published : June 21, 2013



Blurb :

Danny Bright was born to entertain. He just needs his big break. So when he hears that Blue Horizon Records is holding auditions looking for the next big thing, Danny jumps at the chance. It doesn’t turn out exactly as he imagined, though. Instead of getting solo contracts, Danny and four other guys are put into a boy band. 

Innocent, idealistic Elliot Price thinks he’s headed for college. An impulsive decision to sing in the local talent search changes all that. A bigwig producer happens to see him, hands him a business card, and turns Elliot’s life upside down. 

Elliot and Danny are close from the beginning. They love all the guys, but it’s different with each other. Soon their friendship turns into feelings more intense than either of them can ignore. The other three boys only want Danny and Elliot to be happy, but when their management team and record label discover two of their biggest tween heartthrobs are in a relationship, they’re less than pleased. Danny and Elliot find themselves in the middle of a circle of lies and cover-ups, all with one bottom line—money. They have to stay strong and stick together if they don’t want to lose themselves… and each other.

Review :

“Because more than all the other things that had happened since the night of that talent show, more than the band, their growing fame, their fans – more than any of that, Elliot was grateful he’d found Danny.” 

Catch My Breath is a lovely story about the romance that develops between band members, Elliot Price and Danny Bright. For the first third of the book the secondary characters really are only there as plot support. However, once the relationship between the MCs is established, the other characters are given more room to grow. I liked Katie and I’m glad she wasn’t made to be a bitch that deserved to be dumped. Glad, too, that she was smart enough to pick up on what was happening. Although she didn’t feature much once Danny and El really got together, she also wasn’t relegated to some two dimensional plot device, either. The author managed to create characters that, even with only a brief appearance in the story, didn’t feel like they were there merely for convenience. There was a very powerful scene with a fan of Delly (the nickname given to Danny and Elliot by their fans). The girl approaches Elliot in the coffee shop to ask if there really is something going on with he and Danny. She then reveals that she’d been kicked out of home for being gay and that the possibility of Danny and Elliot being real saved her from spiralling down into a second attempt at suicide. Her story and Elliot’s reaction to it stayed with me. “It was you and Danny. Knowing that love like that existed, that maybe I could have it and I wasn’t disgusting, it made me want to… Well, not do it again. I had to know that I wasn’t crazy, that I really was seeing it.”

The romance was just gorgeous. I really adored Delly – #teamDelly all the way! I loved them individually and as a couple. Although it initially scared Danny, he quickly accepted that he had both a strong attraction to, and feelings for, Elliot. The whole being gay never factored much into any of Danny’s freaking out. It had a lot more to do with not wanting to ruin anything between their friendship or the band dynamics. Even when outside pressures took a toll on their relationship, you never doubt just how much they love each other. And that major bump in their relationship isn’t a dragged out angst fest either. Apart from a couple of sex scenes, most of the time it faded to black, but I really didn’t miss that. This book is very much about the love, romance and the relationship between Danny and El and it had exactly what it needed to portray that, no more, no less. I actually really enjoyed the lack of constant references to woodies and everything being built around sex in this book. Sure, there was intense attraction, and the kissing was so, so sweet. But some books would have you thinking that men all walk around springing hard ons all the time and in a permanent state of full arousal. I this case, I think the way it was written was actually a lot sexier. It made the pay off sweeter.

The only real criticism I have with this book is that there is a lot of repetition. There were a few times I was ready to yell, ‘yes, I got it already!’ A bit more trimming of those repetitions would have made the pacing a little tighter. There was also a contradiction I picked up on, but really, both those things were very minor and really not enough to deter my enjoyment of the story.

I really, really loved this book. The main characters were just impossible not to fall in love with. And although it took a little while for the other characters of the band to develop, they also were very likeable and full of personality. The interactions between the boys of Static were great. The boys were all fun, mischievous and fully supportive of each other right from the start, and there were quite a few funny moments between them. The romance was beautifully written, the boys grabbed my heart right from the beginning. Oh, and the lyrics to one of Static’s original songs are just perfect!

Rated 4.5 stars by BookSmitten


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