Title : Junk

Series : The Bristol Collection

Author : Josephine Myles

Publisher : Samhain Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 351 pages (e-book)

Published : August 27, 2013

Rating : ★★★★



Letting go is the first step to healing…or bringing it all crashing down.

The Bristol Collection, Book 1

When an avalanche of books cuts off access to his living room, university librarian Jasper Richardson can no longer ignore the truth. His ever-growing piles of books, magazines and newspapers can no longer be classified as a “collection”. It’s a hoard, and he needs professional help.

Professional clutter clearer and counselor Lewis Miller thinks he’s seen it all, but even he has to admit he’s shocked. Not so much by the state of Jasper’s house, but by the level of attraction he still feels for the sexy bookworm he remembers from school.

What a shame that Lewis’s ethical code forbids relationships with clients. As Jasper makes slow but steady progress, though, the magnetic pull between them is so strong even Lewis is having trouble convincing himself it’s a temporary emotional attachment arising from the therapeutic process.

Jasper longs to prove to Lewis that this is the real deal. But first he’ll have to lay bare the root of his hoarding problem…and reveal the dark secret hidden behind his walls of books.

Product Warnings : Contains a level-headed counselor with a secret addiction, a bespectacled geek with a sweet tooth, a killer “to-be-read” pile, embarrassing parents, a van called Alice, and deliciously British slang.


I think the idea of hoarding is odd but at the same time fascinating. I’ve never watched the show on tv or gone out of my way to follow a story of one but this blurb just grabbed me. Then I noticed the author and just had to read it. A geeky librarian hoarder and his kind of therapist falling for each other? Hell yes!

Jasper has been living as a hoarder for years since his mother died. The house she left him is filled to its max with books, magazines and newspapers he can’t help but snatch up whenever he sees them. He’s a librarian so he has a very orderly system. Everything stacked in its proper nook and cranny – safe in Jasper’s care. One day an avalanche shuts him off from another room and he starts to realize he needs help. So, Jasper calls a professional clutter clearer. Even knowing the counselors do this for a living doesn’t take away the shame of allowing them in to see the full extent of his “collection”.

Lewis kind of stumbled into his career as a hoarding counselor. He went to school to study Psychology but ending up working with his sister. He enjoys helping people and he has a degree, so he’s technically in his field, even if it’s not the one his pretentious hippie mother wanted for him. His newest job brings him back in contact with his school crush, Jasper. Who is also his new client. Jasper doesn’t even recognize him but there’s no way Lewis would forget Jasper. Despite the former crush and attraction that’s there between them, Lewis is determined to remain professional. Jasper seems to respond well to Lewis’s direction in regards to the hoarding and they make slow progress.

Soon, Jasper is the one being the aggressor. Lewis already knows his deep dark secret. He’s never had a boyfriend and he considers Lewis boyfriend material. They’re attracted to each other. So why is Lewis resisting so strongly? Is he being nice because he has to? Lewis has his own issues. He’s a serial monogamist with all the wrong guys. Lewis starts out wanting to help.He likes Jasper but thinks Jasper is confusing real feeling with transference of some kind. Lewis thinks it’s wrong to take advantage no matter how much he’d like to.

This was a pretty good read. I enjoyed the thorough thought process and journey Jasper takes to get his life back. For a majority of the book I thought his guilt from his mother’s death was just the normal kind until I got the big “OMG” moment. Which I really liked by the way. Lewis was honest and endearing. Determined to gain order in his life again but he had moments of failure, too. Those made him seem more real to me.

Lewis was so strong but stubborn. I think he brought the majority of the angst to the book and he was supposed to be the one with his shit together. His family was pretty fun in that strange and embarrassing the hell out of you kind of way. Some of the things they said and did were over the top but it’s fiction and it was fun! Very funny. I adored Mas. I hope we get his story. I want to read it now! He was so cheeky and slutty but obviously hiding some pain behind all that sass.

I will say the pacing of the book was a little slow. The monotonous tone of rehabilitating Jasper made it seem longer than it was IMO. I enjoyed the characters and wanted to smack Lewis for being so stubborn. I was invested in them as a couple. Just don’t expect a lot of excitement in Junk. It’s a story of two guys finding love under maybe not the best circumstances. AND maybe not the best timing but if it’s there and you want it, you have to go after it.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 40 star