Out in the Rockies Blog Hop – Day 13

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Our Colorado authors have answered a few questions …..

What part of the “western mentality” has become part of your characters?

PD Singer: The spirit of independence is very strong in my Mountain boys, even the ones who are transplants to Colorado.

Caitlin Ricci: I don’t know if this is so much of a “western mentality” but my characters generally seem to be laid back. In general they like to be outside, like wide open spaces and a few enjoy spending time with horses as much as I do. I value a lot of the things I associate with my life in Colorado and though I’ve lived elsewhere, this is where I choose to call home for a variety of reasons.

Carter Quinn: Ha! That’s for an upcoming project.

Marie Sexton: Hmm. Well, it depends on what we mean by that. A bit of googling indicates that what “western mentality” means to me isn’t what it means to everybody. For years there was a giant sign in Denver International Airport (maybe it’s still there) that said something like, “You are now 5280 feet above sea level. Things look different from up here, don’t they?” I love that sign. For myself, the western mentality has to do with slowing down, taking it easy, enjoying the abundance and beauty of our state, valuing trees and nature and open spaces, and knowing that Main Street is more important than Wall Street. This mentality definitely exists in some of my characters.

George Seaton: Hard to pin down exactly what the “western mentality” is. My perception is embodied by the quiet strength of characters like Big Diehl, or the characters moving through “The Cow.”

Michele Montgomery: I don’t think any of my characters have that “western mentality” going on for them. They are just who they are. No cowboys or natives.

Brannan Black: Resourcefulness. Above all, my characters in the Wolfman series have to be resourceful. The world as we know it crashed and burned and they’re left trying to pick up the pieces. They’ve also learned the value of working together as a community much like early settlements in the west would have.In my paranormals, I think it’s a bit more of that get it done attitude. And a strong sense of right and wrong. Although for a being that’s hundreds or even thousands of years old right and wrong don’t always mean the same as it does for us.

Edward Kendrick: I’m not quite certain what “western mentality” is to be perfectly honest. If you mean the rough, tough, no-holds-barred sort of character then some of my black-ops men have it.

Tell us about one character who particularly embodies this, even if the story is set elsewhere.

PD Singer: Kurt Carlson, an MC in Fire on the Mountain, Snow on the Mountain, and Blood on the Mountain, grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. He learned many skills from his brother-in-law Cliff, making him a good horseman, decent mechanic, amateur vet, and general handyman. But he still can’t back up a big truck.

Caitlin Ricci: In my second release from Silver Publishing, Taming the Lion Tamer (which should be out later this year), there’s a character that I absolutely love. His name is Quinn Fitzgerald and he’s the head zoologist at a big cat sanctuary in Wyoming. That easy-going, relaxed, sunshine loving personality is there along with his complete ease at being in the middle of nowhere and not caring that the nearest grocery store is over an hour away.

Carter Quinn: When I get there…

Marie Sexton: I’m going to give you more than one. Sorry. The first is Jared from the Coda series. He is a Colorado boy through and through. The second (and third) would probably be Dante and Deacon in the Oestend series. This series has a bit of an old west feel, and Deacon and Dante both exhibit that mentality in spades.

George Seaton: That would have to be Big Diehl. A “cowkid” who learned the worth of sunup to sunset toil upon the land. Served him well during his stint in Iraq. Served him better when he returned home.

Michele Montgomery: I don’t have any that are western. The closest character I have at the moment would be Michael from Dammit! only because he lives where I do. LOL!

Brannan Black: Daniel Baker is the quintessential westerner. His gift is taking what’s broke and fixing it or using odd parts to fix something else. He doesn’t give up or back down and isn’t afraid of a little hard work. Put a cowboy hat on him and you’d have a old school rancher. Oh, yeah, he did grow up on a ranch!

Edward Kendrick: I’d say probably Rafe from Shadow Men. He’s got a sense of humor but when the chips are down he’ll do whatever is necessary to get the job done, especially if the life of his partner is in danger.

If someone were to read your work for the first time, which story should they start with?

PD Singer: The Rare Event has hot men, big bucks, and a lot of 5 star reviews even if it is set in New York. Series readers will enjoy the Mountain books. Fire on the Mountain will be out June 22, followed by another novel every two months for five books.

Caitlin Ricci: Right now only Almost Paradise is available, though it’s a good starting place even later on when I (hopefully) have a lot more books available.

Carter Quinn: I think they should start with In the Crease. It’s a free read at my site.

Marie Sexton: The obvious starting point is Promises, since it’s my first book and the beginning of the Coda series. For fantasy fans, I’d say start with Song of Oestend. It’s my longest book, my most ambitious book, and also my naughtiest book. 😉

George Seaton: Big Diehl, The Road Home, or The Cow and Other Colorado Tales.

Michele Montgomery: Well that depends. I write a bit dark and most of my characters are very Alpha. More D/s in them. If they’re looking for dark, angsty stuff? Lethal Obsession: Caged if they want lighter, I’d say “Dammit!” and or XBar.”

Brannan Black: Wolfman Apocalypse is a good place to start. It’s the first in the Wolfman world and a good example of my writing.

Edward Kendrick: At the moment, I’d say Forbidden Fruit“.

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