Action! the review.

Action, by Liz Borino

Publisher : LazyDay Publishing – buy it HERE or at AMAZON

Genre : Contemporary Romance, BDSM

Length : 126 pages e-book

Blurb: When the bright lights and flashing cameras of Hollywood capture your every move, how can you fulfill your deepest desires? For Zack Greene, a formerly out-of-control actor, and Steve Michaels, the director who unearthed the heart of the man beneath the ego, it’s a constant struggle.

In public, Steve and Zack are the picture of professional partners. However, behind closed doors, their partnership is taken to a new level. They engage in a carefully constructed Dom/sub relationship that not only brings them pleasure, but keeps Zack from slipping back into his wild ways.

Their delicate balance is thrown askew when a producer on the show threatens to expose their lifestyle, while taking advantage of Zack in a moment of vulnerability. Will Steve be able to ease the pain and save the love they share? Or will they come apart when they need each other most?

Review : This is a very gentle D/s story. Possibly the sweetest I have ever read. Steve is openly gay, has been since he was a teenager. With a hippy mum like Crystal – could it be any other way? I loved her! Very Barbra Streisand in “Meet the Fockers” (or that is how I saw her.) He and Zack met when Zack auditioned for the lead role in Steve’s new show, “Ben’s Life”. They have been dating for 3 years and living together for 2 and a half. That they are together is an open secret on set ….. but nobody has an inkling about the full nature of their relationship – namely their D/s lifestyle. Or so they think.

Zack has had a completely different life – he has very religious parents, and as is so often the case – he lead the life of Riley as soon as he could! Wine, men, and song! He was out of control. Until he met Steve. Their relationship, and the control that Steve has over him, sets Zack back on course; albeit with the odd bout of rebellion…. which brings about repercussions Zach is more than happy to face. There are things in Zack’s past that he is terrified will have Steve running for the hills once he discovers them. A knock at the door one weekend means Zack is out of time, and he has to tell Steve his big secret. This big reveal was, to me, a bit of a damp squib – not sure what I was expecting, but something a bit more shocking. I should rationalise this by saying I am becoming more of an angst whore every year; and while there is angst in this book, it is low-level, so it never had me pulling my hair out.

One thing that the book highlights well is the difference between a bully, and a nurturing, loving Dom. Steve was just wonderful. Zack, as the sub, drove me a bit crazy – I still don’t get why he stormed off after using his safe word, his reaction was really extreme. I wanted to reach in and slap him. Richard, Steve’s boss, is a pig. Dick suits him very well. He decides, for reasons to suit  his own agenda, to implement a “no fraternization policy” for the crew – and it is his actions that subsequently bring Zach’s whole world crashing down. You will have to read it to see if Steve and Zack survive the fallout 🙂

I enjoyed the story – if there is such a thing as vanilla D/s this would be it. I normally prefer the kink I read to be a bit grittier; but it fitted the story and Steve and Zack – who are such a loving couple. I know lots of readers will love the sweet, loving portrayal of this lifestyle. It s a definite 4 stars from me.

Rated 4 stars by Barb