Let’s Hear it for the Boy



Title : Let’s Hear it for the Boy

Author : T.A. Webb


Publisher : A Bear on Books  (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 30 pages (e-book)

Published : March 20, 2013




Auntie Social is the biggest, baddest drag queen in Atlanta—she knows what she wants and she gets it. She’s tough, merciless, and top dog. That’s what Paul Stewart, reporter for the Journal, had heard, and all he expects when he’s assigned to interview the legend.. But nobody really knows the person behind the make-up.

What if…what if the person behind the sarcasm and music was more than just a man in a dress? What happened in his life that, thirty years later, made him a successful CEO, a philanthropist, and a legend in the gay community? Thirty years and almost a million dollars raised for people living with HIV/AIDs, yet still no one knows the real story.

Until one night, one man breaks through the shell, and Matthew Trammell—Auntie Social—opens the door he closed many years ago and lets his secrets spill out.

Pain is like rain, it covers your skin and soaks in bone-deep, but it eventually recedes and allows fresh things to grow.


I kept hearing how amazing this book was so of course I had to read it. Everyone was right. It was amazing. For such a short book it had a profound effect on me. I read this book following “Lover At Last and it wiped it from my mind. It was that good.  I’m not going into details because I think you need to read it for yourself even though I pretty much knew where the story was headed. I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the journey.

This book is about true love between friends. That soul deep love and Matthew’s unwavering devotion to the man he loves. He would do anything for his friend and after a life altering mistake his friend realizes that he feels the same way about Matthew. It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking. I am actually crying as write this review. I don’t like to cry but reading this was so worth it. I don’t want to scare you off this book but it was intense for such a short read.  Though it’s not an HEA, I was left feeling hopeful that Matthew would find his and I would LOVE to read about it! I highly recommend this book. I’m already checking out more from T.A. Webb. I will never ever hear the song, Let’s Hear it for the Boy, and not think of this story.

Rated 5 stars by Whit

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