Title : Clown’d

Series : XXX’d, Book #1

Author : K. A. Merikan

Publisher : Acerbi & Villani Ltd. (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M/More, Contemporary, Erotica

Length : 10,000 words (e-book)

Published : April 5, 2013

Rating : 


B L U R B : 

— It’s clowns. It’s a gangbang. It’s helium balloons. —

Some nights just don’t go as planned. It’s Halloween and Kyle’s rushing home to see his boyfriend after a late evening shift at work. As usual, he takes a shortcut through the local park, but a poster informing about a killer clown in the area makes him apprehensive about being alone in the dark. It’s only when he discovers there is a man in a clown costume following him that he panics. Soon, it turns out his cackling shadow isn’t the only circus freak hiding in the dark, but what does a bunch of crazy clowns do when they catch you?

WARNINGS: humiliation, RP ,toys ,bondage ,gangbang

G A N G – R E V I E W :

Barb – This is definitely not the kind of book I would normally pick up, it has 2 things that don’t really feature high on my “gotta read THAT radar” – clowns and gangbangs. But … you know … I like to read outside of my little ol’ comfort zone every once in a while, so I went for it.

In the grand scheme of things I need some connection to, and between, the characters that I am reading about for me to find any sexual scenes erotic – no matter how graphic they are! I also don’t really find a scene sexy just because there is more than one “coupling” going on… more is not always merrier. But again… I tried to distance myself and my usual book choices and just go with the flow – and it worked. To a degree… So, bring on the Clowns!!it-clown

It was a dark and stormy night, well a damp night anyway, and Kyle was walking home from work. It was late and he wanted to get home to Dan, his boyfriend, as quickly as possible – so why not cut through the empty park? He sees a sign warning about “rogue clowns” – great. Of course it isn’t long before he finds a whole lotta clowns – all following him from different directions. (Is there a collective noun for Clowns? I’m running with “creep”. A creep of clowns 🙂 ) …. anyway he tries to get away but all exits are blocked, of course. He tries to climb over the fence, but gets pulled back down, naturally. Now he is at the mercy of this grinning group of sickos. And this is where the story kicks in….

It is very difficult to say anything that doesn’t “spoil” the story – but given the nature of the tags that we had to give there are some elements that I can obviously discuss – I know that there are people who have this fantasy of being captured, kidnapped, used – I personally do not get it. But as a reader I can climb on board and follow along. Kyle was definitely scared, but also a bit excited. What happens if you think you recognise someone behind the mask? Does that change the dynamic? Would you feel safer or more exposed?

To be honest.. that is probably all I can say, without spoilers. The story is very short, somewhat sexy, with some funny lines – especially with Dorothy 🙂 and the most innovative cock ring you’ll ever see … I will never look at a helium balloon, bobbing along the ceiling, the same way again! Would I recommend it? Yeah, I think I would. It certainly had enough in it to make the read interesting and worthwhile – and I certainly would read more by this writing team. I must say that throughout it all I really felt the love that Kyle felt for his boyfriend, and maybe that helped me through. I really am a romantic at heart, and seek it out in every book I read … and if that comment confuses you, then you’ll have to just go, and Buy The Book!  – Barb rated it 4 stars

balloons-1299Tommi – I can’t say I am a real fan of clowns but my curiosity was peaked by the various erotica-type tags so decided to give this 10,000 word short a read.

The story opens with Kyle on his way home to boyfriend Dan after finishing a late shift at work.  Taking his usual route through the park, he discovers and reads a warning notice about a killer clown in the area.  The writers do a great job in setting up the creepiness of this scene and the gradual emergence of the clowns into the park develops a real scare factor for the read.

It’s the unfolding story that loses me a little.  This is a short piece of gang-bang, role-play clown porn with a light touch of BDSM.  So if none of those tags appeal to you, then I would avoid picking up this read.  I would like to say that it is hard to review this story without exposing a huge spoiler.  Kyle is kidnapped and thrown into the back of a van and subjected to what I can only explain as “see all of the above tags” situation.  I did feel that he was a little too quick to submit to the encounter, but hey, this is 10,000 words, and it is his fantasy. It did give me cause to think how quickly one’s mind can switch from being totally terrorized and riddled with panic to feeling at ease with the situation, even to the point of wanting to ramp up the scenario.  Is this possible, who knows?  But for Kyle, the end result has him loving and appreciating his boyfriend more than ever.

I did love one particular use of the helium balloon, something that has NEVER occurred to me before.  I giggled out loud at the mental image of it.  I have rated this a three star read for the injection of creepiness and the fact that I will not look at a helium balloon with the same purpose again. – Tommi rated it 3 stars

We figured we would run with a joint reveiw on this – and Tommi and I weren’t totally on the same page; that only highlights that no 2 readers ever get the same out of a book, which I kinda like 🙂

LYLBTB 40 star